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Cayman Islands Dealing With Invasive Lionfish by Serving It for Dinner

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Scuba diving 80 toes underwater, time is effective nonlinearly. Seconds can stretch into eons, when an hour—and a complete tank of gas—can go by in a flash. Unfold out in a horizontal line, combing the ocean flooring, we move methodically, pausing to peer beneath rocks and into crannies, hunting for invasive lionfish. Soon after 20 minutes, our information offers us the sign for lionfish—hands interlaced with fingers standing straight, then details to a nearby coral head.

I exhale, descending a number of ft over the sandy bottom, and click history on my GoPro. Soon after a early morning Powerpoint course and an underwater exercise session with h2o bottles tied to weights, this was our initially authentic go with Hawaiian-sling spears, and I needed to seize the action. We place our initial lionfish with its hallmark maroon system, white stripes, lengthy dorsal spines, and fanned pectoral fins. Searching lionfish, it turns out, is an work out in endurance.

But I’m acquiring in advance of myself. Let us rewind a couple days…

Acquiring to the Cayman Islands

Traveling to the Cayman Islands is effortless. Soon after connecting in Newark, I took a four-hour flight to Georgetown 15 minutes right after landing, I was in my rental car. I planned to commit a week with Ocean Frontiers, a globe-course dive store known for its down-to-earth, family members come to feel.

Based mostly on the distant, east aspect of the island, I was on the lookout ahead to a gradual tempo of lifestyle and a ton of time underwater.

At the finish of my to start with day at the smaller resort, I was taken in like a stray dog by the dive instructors, sharing beers and investing tales late into the night time. Even the servers at the restaurant adjacent to the dive store, Eage Rays, turned quick good friends, featuring to cook dinner fish tacos if we caught any lionfish.

You browse that the right way. Having lionfish has speedily develop into a sustainable, mouth watering treatment to this unpleasant very little problem. Speedy notice: Lionfish are venomous, not toxic, so having them is entirely risk-free (even raw) the moment the spines are taken off.

Scuba diving with shark
Andy Cochrane shot on GoPro

How Lionfish received to the Cayman Islands

There is not a consensus on how lionfish built it to the Caribbean, but most believe that they came from people today dumping own aquariums into the ocean, someday in the mid-90s. These days, lionfish roam the coastline from Massachusetts to Brazil and live as deep as 1,000 feet. Originally from the Indo-Pacific, the species has become a major difficulty for reef ecosystems about the earth mainly because they feast on juvenile fish, have several purely natural predators, reproduce swiftly, and finally decimate other populations.

Many thanks to their relative isolation from the relaxation of the Caribbean, the initially sighting of lionfish in the Cayman Islands was not until eventually 2008. Soon just after the Division of Atmosphere (DOE) issued a cull, aiming to maintain their population below command. This was a far cry from how other islands dealt with the reef-wrecking fish. By 2010, a lot of dive shops throughout the a few islands had been training both equally workers and website visitors to hunt them.

Whilst most laymen know the British territory as a tax haven, the dive entire world has extended regarded it a scuba mecca. Dive retailers offer you an array of lessons, together with the standard PADI Open Water program, which permits you to dive on your personal. For those seeking to spearfish, turning out to be scuba accredited is a necessary phase toward getting component in the cull. The recognition of diving on Cayman—including a fleet of boats and 1000’s of divers—gave the government the resources to combat lionfish head on.

Owing to the inherent hazards of looking a venomous fish, the DOE involves divers to choose a lionfish class just before beginning to spear. For accredited scuba divers, this means a working day of equally realistic and utilized lessons. While you technically don’t have to have to destroy a lionfish to properly graduate the class, we definitely required to. Having said that, discovering them is additional tough than it was a decade ago—a superior indicator for the natural environment.

East stop locals say when culling commenced, a boat of divers could simply capture 200 lionfish in a two-tank dive. To set factors in standpoint, our group caught 9 fish all through a pair of dives. The motive for the discrepancy is twofold: Lionfish have discovered to evade divers, sinking into modest holes to continue to be out of watch and, as revealed in the DOE information, their inhabitants has shrunk considerably from the early days of the cull.

Andy Cochrane shot on GoPro

Turning a pervasive species into a delicacy

Back to our underwater look for party: On my third day of diving, just after having to check out underwater tunnels, float together the entire world-renowned wall, and swim with a handful of sharks, I was all set to try out my luck at spearfishing. I savored the classroom lessons on biology and history, attaining a greater knowledge on why lionfish are a pervasive and severe menace. But like most, I was a lot more fired up about acquiring in the water and actually spearing.

Stan, a further member of our casual looking occasion, carefully kicked himself into situation. I continued filming while Sam presented information, all by means of improvised hand gestures. Conversation isn’t straightforward underwater, especially when you’re mastering something new. Nevertheless, an expert diver and avid hunter on land, Stan realized not to hurry: line up the shot, exhale gradually, and hope for the greatest.

To be crystal clear, spearguns are not authorized in Cayman. The spears we used were two-foot-extended, 3-pronged poles, with a rubber band that you extend and launch to propel the spear and impale fish. It’s a basic tool that isn’t generally exact, so it’s significant to get close—six inches to a foot—while making sure not to contact the venomous spines. This may perhaps sound clear-cut, but it is hard when you’re also working with the surge of the ocean, your scuba equipment, and your breath and buoyancy.

But the obstacle is what would make it enjoyable, also. On his to start with shot, Stan hit the lionfish proper powering the skull, pinning it on a rock. Even with his mask on and small visibility, I could explain to he was excited. He borrowed a next spear from Observed to make guaranteed it was securely hooked, then set it in the bucket. Our taco dinner—or at the very least a delicious appetizer—was secured. In the subsequent 50 percent-hour, we would take turns snagging a handful far more, right before ascending back again to the boat.

What lionfish tastes like

Lionfish is delicious and significant in omega-3 fatty acids, creating it a perfect dish for an island that prides alone on culinary excellence. Many area cooks have caught on—including Thomas Tennant of Tomfoodery, a hip restaurant in Camana Bay—and collectively have turned lionfish into a delicacy. Tennant is an avid spear fisherman and operates intently with the Cayman United Lionfish League to aid with lionfish tournaments and culling gatherings.

These events support convey in a whole lot of lionfish for places to eat, advertise new dishes, and produce a way for much more folks to get concerned in the invasive trouble.

Thanks to the government’s proactive actions a decade in the past, and a wide desire in spearfishing, Cayman is a achievement tale that other areas can study from. They’ve created a uncomplicated and gorgeous solution—from ocean to desk, so to speak—for a dilemma that could have ruined their reefs, which are a critical element of their tourism business.

Speaking personally, I hope other locations just take the time to discover from it.

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