illustration of a man seated using a oxygen concentrator and hand with index finger inserted into a pulse oximeter


To survive, we need oxygen likely from our lungs to the cells in our physique. From time to time the quantity of oxygen in our blood can tumble beneath typical levels. Asthma, lung most cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD), the flu, and COVID-19 are some of the well being problems that may well induce oxygen concentrations to fall. When the amounts are way too reduced, we might have to have to just take added oxygen, acknowledged as oxygen treatment.

One particular way to get more oxygen into the body is by utilizing an oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrators are healthcare products demanded to be sold and applied only with a prescription.

You should not to use an oxygen concentrator at property until it has been recommended by a wellness treatment company. Supplying on your own oxygen devoid of chatting to a health care provider to start with might do far more harm than good. You could close up getting too significantly or too very little oxygen. Choosing to use an oxygen concentrator without the need of a prescription can lead to critical health and fitness issues such as oxygen toxicity prompted by obtaining too considerably oxygen. It can also direct to a delay in acquiring treatment method for really serious situations like COVID-19.

Even while oxygen will make up about 21 percent of the air all over us, breathing superior concentrations of oxygen may hurt your lungs. On the other hand, not receiving plenty of oxygen into the blood, a condition named hypoxia, could damage the heart, brain, and other organs.

Uncover out if you really want oxygen remedy by checking with your well being treatment supplier. If you do, your health care supplier can determine how a great deal oxygen you should acquire and for how very long.

What do I need to have to know about oxygen concentrators?

Oxygen concentrators choose in air from the room and filter out nitrogen. The procedure supplies the higher amounts of oxygen necessary for oxygen therapy.

Concentrators could be large and stationary or tiny and transportable. Concentrators are unique than tanks or other containers giving oxygen mainly because they use electrical pumps to concentrate the continuous supply of oxygen that will come from the encompassing air.

You may well have seen oxygen concentrators for sale on the net with out a prescription. At this time, the Food and drug administration has not authorised or cleared any oxygen concentrators to be offered or used without a prescription.

When applying an oxygen concentrator:

  • Do not use the concentrator, or any oxygen solution, close to an open flame or whilst smoking cigarettes
  • Spot the concentrator in an open house to decrease odds of system failure from overheating
  • Do not block any vents on the concentrator since it may well affect system effectiveness
  • Periodically test your product for any alarms to make absolutely sure you are having enough oxygen.

If you are prescribed an oxygen concentrator for continual health and fitness difficulties and have modifications in your breathing or oxygen levels, or have signs and symptoms of COVID-19, contact your health and fitness treatment service provider. Do not make alterations to the oxygen concentrations on your have.

How are my oxygen ranges monitored?

Oxygen levels are monitored with a smaller device identified as a pulse oximeter, or pulse ox.

Pulse oximeters are positioned on a finger, toe or brow and use beams of light-weight to indirectly measure the amount of oxygen in the blood.

What do I want to know about pulse oximeters?

As with any gadget, there is usually a possibility of an inaccurate reading through. If you are working with a pulse oximeter to check your oxygen concentrations and are concerned about the reading through, call a health and fitness care supplier. And do not count only on a pulse oximeter. It is crucial to keep observe of your indications, or how you truly feel. Get in touch with a medical doctor if your indications are significant or get even worse.

When employing a pulse oximeter:

  • Sit even now and do not transfer the component of your human body the place the pulse oximeter is
  • Do not use the product on your fingers when your palms are chilly
  • Eliminate all fingernail polish if using the machine on your palms.

If you experienced a challenge or harm that you feel may well be relevant to a pulse oximeter or oxygen concentrator, you can voluntarily report it by way of the FDA’s MedWatch method.