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Respiratory Pathogens Panel: MedlinePlus Medical Test

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What is a respiratory pathogens (RP) panel?

A respiratory pathogens (RP) panel checks for pathogens in the respiratory tract. A pathogen is a virus, micro organism, or other organism that triggers an ailment. Your respiratory tract is manufactured up of sections of the physique included in breathing. This features your lungs, nose, and throat.

There are numerous sorts of viruses and micro organism that can infect the respiratory tract. Symptoms are typically similar, but therapy can be quite diverse. So it is crucial to make the appropriate prognosis. Other viral and bacterial assessments for respiratory infections are typically minimal to testing for a single specific pathogen. A number of samples may well be desired. The course of action can be hard and time consuming.

An RP panel only desires a single sample to operate assessments for a extensive selection of viruses and micro organism. Benefits ordinarily occur in a couple of hours. Benefits from other sorts of respiratory assessments can consider a couple of times. Speedier effects may well permit you to get begun before on the appropriate therapy.

Other names: RP panel, respiratory virus profile, syndromic multiplex panel

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