June 22, 2024

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Weight Loss Solutions – Should You Opt For Low Carb Diets?

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Among the many weight loss solutions available, low carb diets are one of them. So, what are the foods which contain no carb or low carb? The majority of fish and meats have no carbs, minus the ones that have been processed. The same goes for some cheeses like camembert, cheddar and parmesan. Vegetables which are low on carb are cucumber, lettuce and celery. Cabbage, broccoli as well as eggs are also very low on carbohydrates.

Can low carb diets make you lose weight? The basic principal behind these diets is, they will promote the reduction of insulin production in our body, making our body to use available stored fat as the major source of energy. These diets usually involves consuming huge amount of cheese, butter and meat. Simply by not supplying carbohydrates to our body, our body will have no choice but to utilize the stored fat as an energy source. This will burn your fat and make you lose weight.

Are there any disadvantages of using this technique as one of your weight loss solutions? Yes there are. Do you know that there are some parts of our body which cannot use the stored fat as an energy source. These parts, for example, our red blood cells and our brain, when have no fuel or carbohydrates, will cause our body to create ‘ketone bodies’ to act as fuel and fuel these body parts. As a result we will be in a ‘ketosis’ state, where we will experience nausea, fatigue and bad breath.

So, should you opt for these low carb diets? If you just need to lose a few pounds for some major event, I believe it is OK. But if you want to use these technique permanently, then I suggest you better get yourself some other weight loss solutions which are safer and provide you with balanced diet and exercise.

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