America’s Newest National Park Does Autumn Like Nowhere Else

This posting was developed in partnership with the West Virginia Section of Tourism

Through any supplied season—and definitely in the fall—there’s a extensive record of good reasons why West Virginia has been nicknamed “Almost Heaven” by all enthusiasts of the better outside, from relaxed leaf peepers and luxury tourists to thrill-trying to find, roughing-it styles.

Lush technicolor forests. Superb mountains. Raging rivers. Stunning gorges. Luxury retreats worthy of presidents and royals. What’s not to really like here?

The Mountain State’s newest information is its major headline ever for character fans: Past December, West Virginia’s New River Gorge officially turned America’s 63rd designated national park—and the very first 1 in the state’s heritage. Not extended just after this approximately 73,000-acre Appalachian wonderland was re-titled New River Gorge Countrywide Park and Maintain, Time tapped it as a single of the “World’s Finest Spots of 2021.”

Jogging for around 50 churning miles by way of the coronary heart of it all is the curiously named New River—which is everything but. Above the millennia, this overachieving waterway (one of the world’s oldest) has carved the longest and deepest river gorge in the Appalachian Mountains, making a stunning hub of natural miracles and thrilling out of doors pursuits along the way.

The park the natural way draws sightseers calendar year-spherical, but it hits an apparent peak in the drop when those people verdant canopies go all crimson, cinnamon, and gold. From epic river operates and land-based mostly adventures to the simple joys of foliage ogling for the duration of an autumn-intense road vacation, there are numerous explanations to insert America’s newest countrywide park to your Almost Heaven bucket record this time.

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