An Unconventional Approach to Addiction Therapy

Curing addiction is one of the toughest jobs to do for doctors as it does…

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Curing addiction is one of the toughest jobs to do for doctors as it does not fully go away. Even the strong-willed people who have been sober most of their life have can become addicted. And it’s all because of our minds. Our mind is single-handedly responsible for all the bad decision we make in our lives. And that’s the reason why people are now getting more aware of mental health, and it is especially practiced at a suboxone clinic near me when a person suffers from addiction.

Therapies are a major part of addiction recovery treatment as it is used to target the underlying cause of the problem. There are several types of therapies present to treat people with different mental issues, traumas, and other mental abnormalities. Music therapy is such a treatment offered at a suboxone treatment clinic that can treat a person’s mind effortlessly.

What Is Actually Music Therapy?

Music therapy is not what it sounds like yet it is exactly what it’s named. Music therapy is not just a session where people would go to listen to music and get magically healed. This therapy is evidence-based and clinical practice and it leverages music to help someone achieve their personal life goals. When getting treated with suboxone treatment near me, each person would get an individual program, specially designed for them to provide for their psychological needs.

How Does It Help In Mental Treatment?

As said above, music therapy has been proven a significant treatment for providing drastic positive changes in a person’s social, private, and other aspects of life. So when a person goes through a low time of their lives, music therapy can be applied to mend their problems. Below is the list of the population who are eligible to get music therapy:

  • People who are suffering from traumas and crisis
  • People who are facing a loss
  • People who are addicted to substances
  • People who are mentally ill
  • People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • People with special needs
  • People with Alzheimer’s disease

Therapists claim that people don’t need to have knowledge about music to be benefitted from this therapy, but only need to take part in some of the exercises.

Music Therapy and Its Working Methods

There are mainly 6 different applications of this therapy, these are:

Learning to play an instrument- When our brain focuses on a thing it gets hard to divide the equal amount of attention to their other needs, and this session leverage that fact for the better. The brain will concentrate on learning the new trait, therefore; the person won’t be able to think about the drug’s absence. The amount of patient and control it requires also helps to improve memory power, self-esteem, create an opportunity to increase social interactions by playing with fellow musicians and giving a performance.

Composing new rhythms- The suboxone treatment clinics Providence allows patients to express their feelings and thoughts by letting them compose new music. By taking part in such activity people who are unable to express themselves with words can make their mind be free of all the kept thoughts.

Drumming- By drumming a person will get a better sense of control, which is important as most people feel lost due to the absence of drugs.

Writing lyrics- this is another way people can more freely express their thoughts. By reading their crafted lyrics, therapists would get an idea about their mental state.

Performing- Giving performance in front of others can be scary at first but after some time it will provide a boost of confidence to the patients. They will look forward to giving more performance, therefore; they will have an aim life that will keep them off from relapse without suboxone treatment.

Listening to soothing music- Subliminal is a process where people actually reach their goal by simply listening to a set of music. This process can be compared to hypnosis as it ideal sends a wave of vibration in the brain that helps us focus.