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Anti-GBM (Goodpasture’s) Disease | NIDDK

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What is anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) disease?

Anti-GBM disease is a ailment in which your body’s immune system creates antibodies that attack your kidneys and lungs. As a result, you might establish a single or both equally of these ailments

  • glomerulonephritis—inflammation of the glomeruli, very small units in your kidney that filter wastes and added fluid from your blood
  • bleeding in your lungs

If still left untreated, anti-GBM disease can rapidly get worse and might lead to kidney failure and dying.

Does anti-GBM disease have another identify?

Anti-GBM disease is in some cases also named Goodpasture’s disease.one A different similar expression is Goodpasture syndrome, a condition that also influences the kidneys and lungs but is not induced by anti-GBM antibodies.

How popular is anti-GBM disease?

Anti-GBM disease is rare, with only about one in one million new instances getting claimed per calendar year.one

Who is extra most likely to establish anti-GBM disease?

Anti-GBM disease most typically influences men in their 20s and women in their 60s, but it can arise at any age.one The condition can arise in young children, but this is very rare.

What are the problems of having anti-GBM disease?

If not addressed instantly, anti-GBM disease can lead to serious problems, such as

  • serious kidney swelling, which can rapidly lead to kidney failure
  • serious bleeding in the lungs, which can lead to respiratory failure

What are the signs and symptoms of anti-GBM disease?

Anti-GBM disease most typically commences with signs and symptoms such as

These signs and symptoms might look right before or along with signs and symptoms of lung and kidney difficulties.one

Indications of lung difficulties might include things like

  • coughing up blood
  • dry cough
  • shortness of breath
  • upper body pain

Indications of kidney difficulties might include things like

Look for a health treatment professional’s assist correct absent if you have these signs and symptoms.

What results in anti-GBM disease?

Scientists really don’t fully have an understanding of the lead to of anti-GBM disease. A blend of your genes and aspects in the environment might set you at danger.


Some genetic attributes that moms and dads move on to their young children, while unusual, might have an effect on the danger for establishing anti-GBM disease. For example, scientists have identified a website link involving anti-GBM disease and human leukocyte antigen (HLA), a protein on the surface area of cells that performs an significant function in immune reaction.2 Some sorts of HLA might improve your danger of establishing the ailment, while other individuals might lower this danger.


Aspects in your environment might also improve your danger of establishing anti-GBM disease. They include things like one

  • inhaled hydrocarbons—chemicals derived from petroleum, identified in gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner, furniture polish, and other household products
  • smoking cigarettes
  • infections
  • inhaled cocaine
  • speak to with metal dusts
  • use of the medicine alemtuzumab

How do health treatment pros diagnose anti-GBM disease?

Wellness treatment pros diagnose anti-GBM disease by reviewing your signs and symptoms and medical history and buying sure lab exams. These exams typically include things like

  • urinalysis, or a urine test, which checks a sample of your urine for blood and protein that can move into the urine when your kidneys are damaged.
  • blood exams, which can detect anti-GBM antibodies in your blood and signals of kidney injury. Screening for anti-GBM antibodies is very significant due to the fact it provides the prognosis and guides remedy.
  • upper body x-ray, which can also assist detect any injury to your lungs.
  • kidney biopsy, in which a health treatment specialist examines a small piece of tissue from your kidney below a microscope to search for anti-GBM antibodies and signals of kidney injury. Your health treatment specialist might refer you to a nephrologist to carry out this test.
Two health care professionals talking with an older patient who is sitting in a hospital bed.To diagnose anti-GBM disease, health treatment pros might use your medical history and a physical exam.

How do health treatment pros handle anti-GBM disease?

Wellness treatment pros most typically handle anti-GBM disease withone

  • Cyclophosphamide. This medicine suppresses your immune program, halting your system from making anti-GBM antibodies. Your health treatment specialist might also give you an antibiotic to acquire while you are on this medicine.
  • Corticosteroids. These medications control your body’s immune reaction and lessen inflammation in your system.
  • Plasmapheresis. Also named therapeutic plasma exchange, this therapy works by using a device to filter your blood and take away anti-GBM antibodies.

Plasmapheresis is usually completed for 2 to 3 weeks.one Based on how your system responds, you might will need to go on having medications that suppress your immune program for up to nine months.

As soon as addressed, anti-GBM disease not often arrives again. When it does, it is typically owing to ongoing exposure to chemical substances that irritate the lungs.4 Persons who have had anti-GBM disease really should stay clear of these chemical substances.

How do health treatment pros handle the problems of anti-GBM disease?

Sufferers who are incredibly unwell by the time they seek out treatment might will need additional treatments, such as3

  • urgent dialysis
  • intubation—a medical procedure in which a tube is positioned into the windpipe by means of the mouth or nose—for respiratory failure

In most instances, bleeding in the lungs stops and anti-GBM disease doesn’t lead to long lasting injury to your lungs.4 Nonetheless, the ailment can lead to serious injury to your kidneys.

The extent of injury to the kidneys typically relies upon on how nicely your kidneys had been doing work right before you began remedy. If you presently will need dialysis by the time you begin remedy, you are most likely to remain on dialysis after remedy. Some individuals might will need a kidney transplant.

Medical Trials for Anti-GBM Disorder

The NIDDK conducts and supports medical trials in lots of disorders and ailments, including kidney disorders. The trials search to uncover new techniques to prevent, detect, or handle disease and improve high-quality of life.

What are medical trials for anti-GBM disease?

Medical trials—and other sorts of medical studies—are portion of medical analysis and contain individuals like you. When you volunteer to acquire portion in a medical study, you assist health professionals and researchers learn extra about disease and improve health treatment for individuals in the foreseeable future.

Obtain out if medical trials are correct for you.

What medical experiments for anti-GBM disease are looking for individuals?

You can check out a filtered checklist of medical experiments on [condition] that are federally funded, open up, and recruiting at www.ClinicalTrials.gov. You can extend or narrow the checklist to include things like medical experiments from field, universities, and individuals however, the National Institutes of Wellness does not evaluation these experiments and cannot make certain they are safe and sound. Normally speak with your health treatment company right before you participate in a medical study.


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