April 17, 2024

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Behold the World’s First Strongman Marathon

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Like most athletes, Michael Miraglia has a level of competition mantra: “Let potential you get worried about it.” In contrast to most athletes, however, “future” Michael’s route on this freezing morning in February is paved with pain: a 250-pound tire flip, a 300-pound yoke stroll, and a 70-pound farmer’s have, each and every for a comprehensive mile. Which is because the 29-yr-old physical fitness mentor is tackling the world’s 1st Strongman Marathon, a race of his individual sadistic design and style.



About the system of a grueling 9 hours and 18 minutes on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, the former rugby player turned rock climber turned elite obstacle study course racer turned CrossFitter, would grunt by means of 14 miles of jogging with a 20-pound weighted vest, alternating each and every mile with a distinct strongman movement. In addition to the tire flip, yoke wander, and farmer’s carry, there were burpee wide jumps, a “dummy” fireman carry, handstand stroll, 200-pound sled force, 200-pound sled drag, 200-pound sandbag carry, kettlebell toss, and walking lunges.

Michael Miraglia doing weighted vest run and sled push
Michael Miraglia undertaking weighted vest run and sled thrust Courtesy Image

And though the endeavor would bring about virtually each and every muscle mass to seize from overuse, it would also pose an enormous psychological obstacle. When the scenery was infinite miles of frozen salt, with no group of screaming spectators, and the reward for releasing 1 muscle group from their flood of lactic acid was the likelihood to hammer at yet another set, how did he uncover the psychological toughness to endure?

It was pitch black and well under freezing at 6:00 a.m. when Miraglia stood, observing his breath hang in the air, at the start line. Together with him for help ended up his girlfriend, father, and a digicam crew from his sponsor, attire organization 10 Thousand. Traveling again and forth in between a few 800-meter markers as he ticked off every mile, Miraglia subsisted mainly on heat chicken broth and 80-cent ramen packets to sustain electrolytes, and masses of banana bread to replenish glycogen suppliers (and “because I like banana bread a ton,” Miraglia confesses).

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