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Best (Worst?) Ugly Sweaters for Holiday Parties

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The holidays are approaching—and items are about to get unsightly. We aren’t speaking about the confident-to-be hellish vacation times ahead, or the possible prospect of your online gift orders arriving late this year. It’s nearly National Hideous Sweater Working day, newborn! Oh, didn’t you know? There’s an official day designated for bundling up in layers that are universally unflattering. We could all use a little bit of communal, lighthearted entertaining right about now. Could hideous vacation sweaters be the terrific unifier? The mystery to earth peace soon after all? There is only one way to come across out.

Countrywide Unpleasant Sweater Day is celebrated on the third Friday of December. In other terms, it’s formally time to get started rejoicing the holiday seasons in your most unattractive festive garb and—in the period of giving—bestow the gift of fugly to your cherished kinds as well. In this article are our 10 so-brash-they are-kinda-wonderful favorites.

Bright yellow Iggy Spiked Cotton-Jacquard Sweater

Iggy Spiked Cotton-Jacquard Sweater
Courtesy Graphic

1. Iggy Spiked Cotton-Jacquard Sweater

An acid trip on Xmas Day would seem a little something like the abstract landscape on Iggy’s cotton jacquard-knitted sweater. The enterprise motto at the rear of this chromatic hallucination of dinosaur scales, spikes, and spurs is “do whatsoever you want.” No kidding.

[$175; mrporter.com]

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Black-based, Santa-themed Tipsy Elves Men's Bezos Blue Origin 'You Paid For This' Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tipsy Elves Men’s Bezos Blue Origin ‘You Compensated For This’ Unsightly Christmas Sweater
Courtesy Image

2. Tipsy Elves Men’s Bezos Blue Origin ‘You Paid For This’ Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you seriously wanna get in Santa’s good graces, you’ll be throwing on this very good luck charm from Tipsy Elves—or spreading the warmth with an unforgettable (and unforgivable) Xmas present. Only a billionaire’s space tourism firm could inspire a little something like this.

[$49.95; tipsyelves.com]

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Orange and teal, pictorial Vamtac Men’s Grassland Cow Vintage Oversize Knitted Sweater

Vamtac Men’s Grassland Cow Vintage Oversize Knitted Sweater
Courtesy Graphic

3. Vamtac Men’s Grassland Cow Vintage Oversize Knitted Sweater

Offered on Amazon, the chunky sweatshirts (a.k.a. pullover jumpers) from Vamtac are knitted with classic-motivated types and quirky animal figures. Sure this pastoral setting with grazing cows is a tad weird, but there is a full lotta cozy taking place at the rear of the scene.

[$48.99; amazon.com]

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Neon colored The Elder Statesman Paradise Ribbed Cashmere Sweater

The Elder Statesman Paradise Ribbed Cashmere Sweater
Courtesy Picture

4. The Elder Statesman Paradise Ribbed Cashmere Sweater

Hand-knitted from a kaleidoscope of cashmere yarns, the Paradise sweater from The Elder Statesmen is like a psychedelic fever desire of infinite chromatic depth. Los Angeles designer Greg Chait took inspiration for this 1 from L.A.’s solar-drenched climate—and presumably from America’s birthplace of neon.

[$1,735; mrporter.com]

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Blue and brown Balenciaga Distressed oversized wool-blend sweater

Balenciaga Distressed oversized wool-blend sweater
Courtesy Picture

5. Balenciaga Distressed outsized wool-blend sweater

With all the tears and rips on this oversized Balenciaga jumper, just faux you received into an antler combat with a reindeer and gained. “You need to see the other person.” This is hand-distressed in Italy.

[$1,450; matchesfashion.com]

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Brown-and-orange based Anonymous Ism Fair Isle Wool-Blend Sweater

Nameless Ism Honest Isle Wool-Mix Sweater
Courtesy Picture

6. Nameless Ism Fair Isle Wool-Blend Sweater

Nameless Ism’s wool-blend sweater capabilities a handful of Fair Isle designs in a patchwork motif that would make any crochet hook-wielding grandma very pleased. A adaptable ribbed trim will hold this garment shapely even just after the most significant holiday break foods.

[$280: mrporter.com]

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Tan, gray and blue v-necked Ader Error Brown Jasper Cardigan with toggle buttons

Ader Mistake Brown Jasper Cardigan
Courtesy Picture

7. Ader Mistake Brown Jasper Cardigan

Manufactured of a hodgepodge of knit alpaca, wool, and mohair, this outsized cardigan from Ader Mistake is a wildcard that will either inspire reactions ranging from “that’s interesting AF” to “WTF is that??” Entrance toggle fasteners are specifically created to remind us what a wonder invention zippers ended up.

[$765; ssense.com]

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Brown Alchemist Brown Surf Fringe Sweatshirt

Alchemist Brown Surf Fringe Sweatshirt
Courtesy Picture

8. Alchemist Brown Surf Fringe Sweatshirt

Creep into the room wanting like Sasquatch’s greatest-dressed cousin with Alchemist’s tie-dye Surf Fringe Sweatshirt. This showstopper is built from ultra-cozy French terry healthy for sipping nog, snacking on darn-addictive sugar cookies, and passing out horizontal in the exact same afternoon.

[$189: ssense.com]

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Beige and blue-ish Andersson Bell Beige & Blue Heavy Jacquard Sweater

Andersson Bell Beige & Blue Weighty Jacquard Sweater
Courtesy Picture

9. Andersson Bell Beige & Blue Significant Jacquard Sweater

The unconventional beige and turquoise shade composition on Andersson Bell’s wool-and-alpaca-blend jacquard knit sweater is surely a visual cacophony, but it’s intriguing even so.

[$270; ssense.com]

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Crazy Santa-themed Idgreatim Unisex Ugly Christmas Crewneck Sweatshirt

Idgreatim Unisex Unsightly Xmas Crewneck Sweatshirt
Courtesy Impression

10. Idgreatim Unisex Unattractive Christmas Crewneck Sweatshirt

Here’s a genuinely repulsive Christmas sweater that unabashedly reveals the entire body-oddy-oddy Mr. Claus is hiding beneath that purple match. Turns out, he does not manscape, has a bunch of gnarly tattoos, and utilizes Christmas tree ornaments as nipple piercings. Now here’s a gift mother will like.

[$39.99; amazon.com]

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