April 12, 2024

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D-Dimer Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

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What do the benefits necessarily mean?

If your benefits exhibit very low or typical D-dimer concentrations in the blood, it indicates you in all probability will not have a clotting disorder.

If your benefits exhibit bigger than typical concentrations of D-dimer, it could necessarily mean you have a clotting disorder. But it are not able to exhibit exactly where the clot is found or what style of clotting disorder you have. Also, significant D-dimer concentrations are not generally prompted by clotting troubles. Other conditions that can induce significant D-dimer concentrations include being pregnant, heart disease, and current medical procedures. If your D-dimer benefits were being not typical, your provider will in all probability purchase additional assessments to make a analysis.

If you have queries about your benefits, speak to your well being treatment provider.

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