April 20, 2024

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GoPro Footage of Snowboarder Getting Caught in a Massive Avalanche

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With no crowds and pristine untouched snow, backcountry snowboarding could audio like an epic wintertime encounter. But whilst carving down a wintertime dreamscape is enticing, it’s important to remember the value of currently being well prepared and cautious. A aspiration session can turn lethal in the blink of an eye, and knowledge how to read snow situations and packing the proper equipment could help you save your daily life.

For a ideal instance, check out this terrifying GoPro footage from snowboarder Maurice Kervin, who gets caught in a enormous avalanche on Colorado’s Loveland Move.

Soon after dropping in a making a couple turns, the snow on the steep, open up face gives way and triggers a massive avalanche. With nowhere to go, Kervin’s only option is to deploy his inflatable pack and get prepared for a wild 1000-foot experience down the mountain.

Luckily, the inflatable pack stored him above the snow and saved him from remaining buried. Permit this provide as a remarkable reminder that if you do select to go into the backcountry, there is no substitute for the correct equipment and encounter.

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