Macallan Debuts Double Cask 30 Single Malt at $4,000

Scotland’s renowned Macallan Distillery has turned out another expensive but mouth-watering single malt in its Double Cask Array. Macallan Double Cask 30 is the oldest Double Cask release to day and, at $4,000, it’s (ironically) one particular of the most affordable 30-yr Macallans available in 2021.

The Speyside distillery is beloved for its outdated bottles, and it is the viewpoint of lots of a whisky shopper that its more mature releases (from about 18 a long time ago) are some of the best whisky on the market place now. But with this new launch, they are widening the probable scope of that domination.

The Macallan Double Cask variety is a delicious team. When we reviewed them a pair yrs in the past, they have been varied and nicely-blended whiskies. Every single of the 12-, 15-, and 18-yr bottles had its possess merits (even though the 15 definitely wowed). Technically, the line was to start with released in 2016, but a number of bottles were being extra, and production did not really commence to satisfy desire until this 10 years.

Desire for Macallan has shifted the distillery’s focus in current years, but not at the expenditure of high-quality. Even the brand’s recently finished constrained selection “Macallan Edition Series” was a delicious array of reasonably very affordable bottles, just about every about $100.

Double cask is so named for the cask forms employed in the growing old of the whisky. Macallan is recognized for its deep sherry character—and even though the classic sherry casked scotch is typically aged in European oak barrels that when held sherry, Macallan started incorporating American oak barrels into the method quite a few yrs in the past to give an excess edge (and a appreciably more substantial supply).

European oak tends to lend a lot more spice, nutty flavors, while American oak is normally associated with coconut and bigger concentrations of sweetness. Each tree is a small unique, but these widespread themes can aid you distinguish the two.

Macallan Double Cask 30
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What to assume from Macallan Double Cask 30

The older whiskey gets, the far more the character of the wooden in the barrel normally takes charge of what you odor and taste, so with Macallan Double Cask 30, the wood has had an outstanding quantity of time to do the job its magic. In accordance to Macallan, it did just that for this new release.

Macallan shares aroma notes for this whiskey including honeycomb, toffee, fig, vanilla pod, and touches of purple apple. On the palate, it is comprehensive of cinnamon, ginger, dried fruits, oak (of course), and Madagascan vanilla. The complete would show up light, as the distillery famous sweet oak, comfortable spice, and toffee.

At a soft-spoken 43 per cent ABV, this isn’t a punchy whisky, nor should it be. More mature bottles like this are intended to be eaten gently and slowly and gradually. And you will want to do that irrespective, offered the whisky’s $4,000 price tag.

There is no phrase on the quantity of bottles coming out with this year’s release, but we’re guessing the provide is quite small, as elder Macallan releases usually are inclined to account for just a several thousand bottles at most.

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