June 15, 2024

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Myelography: MedlinePlus Medical Test

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Are there any threats to the check?

You should really not acquire this check if you are expecting or assume you could be expecting. Radiation can be unsafe to an unborn little one.

For other people, there is little risk to obtaining this check. The dose of radiation is really minimal and is not regarded unsafe for most people today. But talk to your service provider about all the x-rays you’ve experienced in the earlier. The threats from radiation publicity could be linked to the quantity of x-ray treatment options you’ve experienced more than time.

There is a small risk of an allergic response to the distinction dye. Explain to your service provider if you have any allergic reactions, particularly to shellfish or iodine, or if you’ve at any time experienced a response to distinction material.

Other threats consist of headache and nausea and vomiting. The headache could very last for up to 24 hrs. Critical reactions are scarce but could consist of seizures, infection, and a blockage in the spinal canal.

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