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Review: The Traeger Ironwood Series 885 Pellet Grill

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Think about the last time you had slide-off-the-bone ribs or a beautifully juicy steak––it took some serious time, devotion, and talent to create these flavors. At minimum, which is what you have been led to imagine. With a grill from Traeger, maker of hardwood pellet-fueled barbecues, even beginner grillers can realize pitmaster-good quality meats.



We expert this phenomenon for ourselves with the Traeger Ironwood Collection 885 Pellet Grill––a point out-of-the-art grill that makes very reliable results and delicious flavor thanks to upcoming-gen grilling features like WiFIRE, TRU convection, and a downdraft exhaust system. But really do not be intimidated by the extravagant names. This attribute-packed barbecue is intended for one distinct goal: to assist yard chefs deliver mouthwatering foods.

What It Is

Traeger’s well-known pellet-burning grills are divided into 3 merchandise strains: Pro Series, Ironwood, and Timberline. The Ironwood is the mid-range alternative of the a few, but it arguably presents the most bang for your buck.

The Ironwood 885 features 885 sq. inches of cooking place (a 650-square-inch option is also available). The cooking space is divided up into two racks, with the larger sized bottom rack having up 570 sq. inches, and the leading rack offering 315 sq. inches. To put these numbers into terms of real meat capability, this beast can cook 10 entire chickens or 7 racks of ribs at the exact same time.

Firing up the grill demands really little exertion. Just plug it in, flip the electrical power change, and use Traeger’s impressive D2 Controller to set a exact temperature. The Ironwood Sequence permits you to reach 500 levels (the Pro Sequence maxes out at 450) and is adjustable by 5-diploma increments. To obtain that level of precision, the D2 controller quickly controls an inside variable-speed admirer to arrive at and retain your ideal temperature and smoke amount.

The Ironwood 885’s pellet hopper has a 20-pound potential, which is just more than enough to maintain a entire bag of pellets (they price 19 bucks a bag). It may possibly not feel like a big offer, but not possessing to wrap up and retail outlet extra pellets is a nice touch and an enhancement over Traeger’s Professional Collection Grills, which only offer you 18 lbs of hopper potential. The Ironwood also options a reduced-pellet sensor, which retains you from operating out of pellets in the center of a grilling session.

To support people preserve pellets and sustain greater warmth retention, the Ironwood 885 also comes with double aspect-walled aluminized metal insulation and a gasket-lined lid. The difference was noticeable—our pellet levels lasted substantially lengthier than anticipated, even in the course of higher-heat cooking.

The Ironwood 885 also capabilities Traeger’s new WiFIRE technology, which will allow you to command the grill via your smartphone. To established it up, you join the grill to your dwelling WiFi and then pair it with your smartphone. From that issue, you can use the Traeger app to remotely keep track of and regulate temperatures, set timers, and even shut off the grill.

Much better however, the Traeger app is stocked with countless numbers of uncomplicated-to-stick to recipes for all varieties of foods, which include numerous you wouldn’t assume to occur from a grill. Which is because the Ironwood 885 doesn’t only do grilling––you can also smoke, bake, roast, and braise foods ranging from burgers and ribs to apple pie and a cocktail (yes, seriously).

traeger ironwood 885 series
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Why We Like It

Even though the precision of the grill temperature makes it possible for for reliable success each individual time you hearth it up, the creation and distribution of smoke inside the Traeger Ironwood 885 is what actually sets it aside.

The capsule-formed layout of Ironwood’s barrel put together with the highly effective supporter produces a vortex of smoke inside of the grill. Traeger phone calls this “TRU Convection,” and it coats meals with a mouth watering smoky flavor. If you set the grill to “Super Smoke Method,” accessible at temps concerning 165 and 225 levels, you can truly amp up the smokiness.

The convection is effective in tandem with a downdraft exhaust system, which is distinctive than the smokestack usually observed on pellet grills like the Traeger Professional Sequence. On the Ironwood 885, the exhaust vents are situated along the again of the grill, and the smoke can only exit after it’s rolling all around in the vortex and remaining drawn down throughout the meat. This imparts additional smoky flavor than other pellet grills can present, and cooks food stuff faster. In our exams, the technique worked very effectively, and we could undoubtedly taste the difference.

traeger ironwood 885 series
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A further pleasant, feasible underneath-appreciated feature: The Ironwood’s immediate-travel pellet auger (the device that moves pellets into the hearth pot) which is run by a brushless DC motor. Numerous of the early wood pellet grills ended up plagued with underpowered augers that would clog routinely. Traeger’s new brushless motor achieves bigger torque at a decrease RPM––that indicates it can retain on churning with no needing any routine maintenance.

Even though previous-school pit masters will probably scoff at digital grilling technological know-how like WiFIRE, we absolutely beloved the capacity to control, adjust, and monitor our grill from the ease and comfort of the couch. When it’s not needed for promptly grilling up burgers or brats, it seriously comes in handy when gradual cooking ribs or tri suggestion. Especially if you are cooking in sub-par temperature, the skill to keep track of the inside meat temperature and tweak the grill’s heat configurations with out venturing outside is rather damn interesting. Temperature apart, WiFIRE’s temperature readouts allow for for extra specific cooking—you’ll hardly ever around- or undercook meat once again.


There is a great deal to like about the Ironwood 885, but a quality grill like this arrives at a steep price tag. And if you want the folding entrance shelf––nice for setting down a cold beer or a cutting board––tack on an added 70 bucks. Possessing to pay out more for a shelf on a substantial-stop grill feels a bit like nickel-and-diming, but it is also not one thing you will need to obtain.

$1,500 is a lot to pay back for a grill, but consistently unbelievable taste is really hard to set a rate on. If it is within your spending plan, this condition-of-the-art grill is truly worth it. Immediately after 1 bite, you are going to recognize why.

[$1,500; traegergrills.com]

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