Eye twitching, benign vital blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm are phrases often employed to refer to any of three individual circumstances. Every style of twitch or spasm has a diverse lead to.

Eyelid twitching (myokymia) has an effect on only the eyelid. This type of twitch or spasm is quite widespread and transpires to most individuals at 1 time or a further. It can entail possibly the higher or reduce lid, but normally only a single eye at a time. The eye twitching can selection from barely apparent to bothersome. The twitching commonly goes absent in just a limited time but may well recur more than a number of hours, days or longer.

Benign critical blepharospasm commences out as increased blinking of each eyes and may well development to the eyelids getting squeezed shut. This style of eye twitching is relatively unheard of but can be really intense, affecting all aspects of lifetime.

Hemifacial spasm entails twitches of muscle tissues on one facet of the experience, which includes the eyelid.