Rapidly food stuff: Strategies for selecting healthier options

These five recommendations can help you make smart meal options when likely to a speedy-meals restaurant.

By Mayo Clinic Workers

Does subsequent a excess weight-reduction or healthier diet plan mean you need to swear off rapidly food? Not automatically.

An occasional cease for fast foods can match into a wholesome diet program — if you happen to be very careful about what you get. Take into consideration these recommendations.

Continue to keep part sizes compact

If the quickly-food restaurant features many sandwich sizes, decide on the smallest. Bypass hamburgers with two or a few patties, which can have much more than 900 energy.

Instead, pick out a common- or kid’s-sized hamburger, which has about 250 calories.

Also, order the modest serving of french fries alternatively of the huge. This switch by itself can preserve 200 energy or a lot more.

Pick healthier facet dishes

Take benefit of the healthy side dishes provided at lots of fast-food items restaurants. For case in point, as a substitute of french fries opt for a aspect salad with small-body fat dressing or a baked potato. Or insert a fruit bowl or a fruit and yogurt possibility to your meal.

Other healthier alternatives consist of apple or orange slices, corn on the cob, steamed rice, baked potato chips or a broth-primarily based soup.

Go green

Select an entree salad with greens and grilled hen or shrimp. Select a dressing you like but be cautious with the volume. Use 50 % the bundle or keep the salad dressing on the side to handle the variety of energy from added fat and other undesirable ingredients, such as added salt and sugar.

Check out out for significant-calorie salads, this sort of as those people with deep-fried shells or these topped with breaded chicken or other fried toppings. Also skip extras, such as cheese and croutons, which immediately enhance your calorie depend.

Choose for grilled merchandise

Fried and breaded meals, these as crispy rooster sandwiches and breaded fish fillets, are substantial in extra fat and energy. Pick out grilled or roasted entrees — these kinds of as hen breast or lean roast beef.

Look at what you drink

Several drinks are substantial in energy. For example, a large common soda, which is 32 ounces (960 milliliters), can have as lots of as 400 calories. Instead, get diet program soda, drinking water, unsweetened iced tea, glowing h2o or mineral drinking water.

Also, skip the shakes and other ice product drinks. A large shake can have much more than 650 calories.

Have it your way

Try to remember, you don’t have to settle for what will come with your sandwich or food — not even at quick-food places to eat. Ask for more healthy solutions and substitutions. And maintain your eye on portion dimension.