June 18, 2024

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Mayo Clinic Minute: The many benefits of petroleum jelly

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Jeff Olsen: It really is straightforward to come across, cheap, and effective for treating a great deal of winter ailments.

Dawn Davis, M.D.: Petroleum jelly is excellent, and it is one particular of a dermatologist’s principal strategies and tricks.

Mr. Olsen: Skin doctor Dr. Dawn Davis claims which is due to the fact this odorless almost colorless jelly is so versatile.

Dr. Davis: It sits on major of the skin, like a greenhouse roof, so it’s like insulating the pores and skin so that it would not get rid of warmth and so it won’t drop moisture.

Mr. Olsen: A person current review named petroleum jelly the most effective way to lower the danger of eczema in newborns. Dr. Davis states because petroleum jelly is chemically identical to proteins in our skin, it is also a great option for treating almost everything from chapped lips to dry cuticles, hands and toes.

Dr. Davis: A great deal of people also question about working with petroleum jelly in the nares, or in the respiratory holes of the nose.

Mr. Olsen: Dr. Davis says you really should in no way use it in the nose of infants and smaller kids. In more mature children a skinny layer of petroleum jelly can even soothe a tender winter season nose. For additional information, talk with your health practitioner or take a look at MayoClinic.org.

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