December 9, 2022

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Personal Training: The Best Way To Make Gains?

3 min read

Who doesn’t dream of losing weight, gaining muscles and improving overall health?

Well… no one!

Yet that may seem difficult to achieve…

And so many people go to the gym and do a few workouts…

But what machine to use? Which muscles to train? How many reps and sets?

Without proper guidance, many new comers give up after their first few trainings…

And many who don’t give up end up making little progress after the first few months.

That is why you may see gym regulars not making progress year over year…

Why not get a personal trainer? 

A good personal trainer creates a customised program for all of his clients, and make sure they make progress week over week.

If a client is not reaching his fitness goals, the workout program will be adjusted.

According to Oompf fitness, a personal training-only gym in Singapore, 90% of PT clients notice significant body composition improvements after 3+ months of training.

The remaining 10% clients gave up training before the 3 months mark, or did not follow their diet plan.

This shows two things:

  1. Motivation is the biggest factor when it comes to achieving long term goals
  2. An experienced Personal Trainer will be able to  cut your learning curve and get you results in 3 months

To stay motivated, we recommed watching athletes workouts on YouTube. They are able to communicate their enthusiasm for working out and give tips about how to safely perform movements at the gym. We particularly appreciate the YouTube channels of Ronnie Coleman, Larry Wheels and Brian Shaw, however you can follow a PT YouTube Channel if you are after learning more than entertainment.

Another way to “bypass” motivation issues is to actually create healthy habits. Sticking to a simple schedule where you block out time for your personal training sessions and allow yourself to follow a simple diet plan is how you can ensure to hit your fitness goals, as well as living a healthier life. 

Trust the numbers 

Personal trainers are in demand all over the world, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expect the number of gym personal trainers to grow 39% by 2030

So you should start looking for a personal trainer before they get overbooked!

How to choose a personal trainer

This step may be overlooked, but you want to make sure you make the right choice when hiring a private coach.

You want to look at the following aspects:

  • Qualifications

While there are many PT certifications on the market, your potential personal trainer should have several certifications from reputable institutions, as well as CPR & AED training to be prepared to save lives if something goes wrong. 

  • Experience

A new personal trainer may not have had enough time to learn what works and what doesn’t, and so we recommend you choose an experienced personal trainer with at least 3 years of proven track  record.

  • Feeling

If your workouts at the gym feel like a chore, you won’t stick to your routine for long… So make sure you choose a personal trainer with whom you have a good feeling! | Newsphere by AF themes.