July 21, 2024

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5 Areas Where A Bipartisan Common Sense Consensus Should Be Achievable!

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5 Areas Where A Bipartisan Common Sense Consensus Should Be Achievable!

Unlike his predecessor, President Joe Biden, has, repeatedly, stated his belief, and confidence, in our overall system, claiming, although, there are many issues, which divide us, politically, there have always been, and will continue to be, certain ones, which, every public official, regardless of politics, must and should be able, to agree, upon! Although, I am not, necessarily, convinced, this is true, in today’s. divided society, perhaps, the recent, apparent agreement, made between a bipartisan group of Senators, and this President, indicate, there may be some degree of limited hope! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 areas, where common sense, consensus, should, and must be, achievable.

1. Infrastructure: Although, we claim to be, the greatest nation, in the world, a recent examination of our national infrastructure, states, we are, at best, the 13th – rated, in this regard! Whether, related to our roads, mass transportation, bridges, tunnels, etc, in many parts of this nation, it is, close to falling – apart! Shouldn’t there be some way, of obtaining, agreement, on this compelling, relevant, sustainable, urgent need and priority, since it harms, both the so – called Red States, as well as Blue States, when it comes to this issue?

2. Public health and safety: Why does the map, of areas, which voted, for one party, so – closely, align, with those, who are most – reluctant, to get vaccinated, and were opposed to wearing a mask, to protect the public health, and well – being? At this stage of the pandemic, when variants, such as the Delta Variant, have become prevalent, we observe, the most vulnerable to the illness, at least the severest form, are the unvaccinated! Those, refusing to be vaccinated, not only, risk themselves, but, those, such as children – under – 12 (who, there isn’t yet a vaccine approved, for), and those with compromised immunity, etc! The data indicated, about 97% of those who have died, recently, haven’t taken the shot, and nearly 90% of those hospitalized, as – well!

3. Access to affordable healthcare: The United States, is, the only, larger nation, where healthcare, is not affordable! Since, we consider ourselves, advanced, in this area, shouldn’t we consider, quality, medical care, to be a right, and not, merely, a privilege, for the wealthiest Americans?

4. Competitive – priced prescriptions: We pay more for prescription drugs, than, nearly, every other nation! The identical drug, costs more, here! Shouldn’t our politicians, be able to agree, at least, on this, being a priority?

5. Constitutional guarantees: Americans usually state, what makes us, greatest, is our United States Constitution! However, too many, try to use fears, etc, to restrict these, on a selective basis! If, we continue, permitting this, we will soon, not be able to recognize this country!

Wake up, America, because, if public officials, are, either, not ready, willing, and/ or, able, to focus on these relevant, sustainable necessities/ priorities, we are losing our way! Demand better, and more, before it’s too late!

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