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5 Best Probiotic Supplements for Gut Health in 2021

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Due to the pandemic, people have mostly stayed indoors. As a result, keeping a well-nourished and healthy body has become challenging even for those who actively go to the gym or exercise regularly.

However, along with the efficient & best probiotics, one can still attain an immunized body and good health to push through the boundaries these rough times have given us.

With a combination of safe and beneficial bacteria, probiotics help optimize your immune system. They aid in fighting damaging bacteria and assist tissues and cells through their vital repair process. Probiotics can also help good bacteria with their natural selection and get rid of unwanted microbes that toxify our blood.

Now more than ever is the time to take care of ourselves and be healthy through proper diet and exercise. So, make sure to consume the right probiotics that will ensure sustainable immunity and everyday health.

In this article, we have provided the best and most trustworthy probiotics available and have described how each can help you achieve good health.

1MD Probiotics

1MD Probiotics

#1. 1MD Probiotics: Best Probiotic Supplement Overall

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum is one of the best probiotic supplements of 2021 that aids in one’s microbial balance. With all of its good quality probiotic strains, 11 in total, it helps protect one’s immunity from harmful diseases.

This probiotic has prebiotic fibers of nutraflora, so each capsule may revitalize and help in one’s health and wellness overall. What makes it even healthier and more nutritious is its non-dairy, gluten-free composition.

1MD Complete Probiotics may also aid in the fast absorption of nutrients, prevent bloating, regulate heartburn, combat irregularities in low bowel movement and diarrhea, and assist in cell immunity function.

The consumption of probiotics assists beneficial bacteria to be brought to one’s gut so it can provide the support to the body to enhance well-being.


• Unique, vegetarian formulation
• May aid in digestive functions and bowel movements
• Best used alongside multivitamins for greater immunity
• Safe for consumption with no harmful chemicals and additives
• May help fight and prevent constipation, indigestion, and gastroenteritis
• May remove pathogenic bacteria and helps the body optimize its nutrient absorption and capacity
• Highly recommended by today’s renowned physicians


• Little fan base and support

In general, 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum is a very reliable probiotic for everyone, especially those with occasional digestive problems.

With its 50 billion live cultures and 11 strains of good bacteria, this probiotic may help gut health and overall wellness.

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VitaPost Probiotic

VitaPost Probiotic

#2. Vitapost Probiotic 40-Billion: Best For Immunity

Probiotic 40-Billion is a safe probiotic supplement that helps revitalize one’s immune system, is taken orally, and does not involve any kind of tools and procedures. With its right blend of nutraceutical good bacteria, this product may aid in the detoxification of the body and helps in digestion improvement.

Probiotic 40-Billion may assist in lactic acid production, and its secretion may destroy harmful bacteria contamination within the intestinal walls. Through its brilliant brainstorming team and manufacturing of Vita Balance Inc. In The U.S., this product has become one of the best probiotics for men on the market.

This probiotic is also a composition of nourishing organic ingredients like Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus Paracesie, and Lactobacillus Plantarum, which all combine and may help in the antioxidation of vital blood vessels.

Furthermore, Probiotic 40-Billion may aid in dead skin cell rejuvenation and assists in gut flora balance.

Best taken in the morning and evening, a capsule twice a day may help promote the health and wellness of one’s body and immune system.


• Amalgam of nutraceutical and safe ingredients
• May act as an immune booster
• May aid in overall digestive health
• May help purify one’s urinary tract
• May keep skin healthy and hydrated
• Supported by genuine reviews from valued customers
• Adheres to cGMP standards and is produced in a registered FDA manufacturing facility
• Manufacturers of this product offer an excellent discount
• Numerous user-friendly payment options
• 100% money-back guarantee


• Only has an average market reach

The Vitapost Probiotic 40-Billion is a fantastic immunity booster and dietary supplement that takes care of gut health. It may help improve the natural process of digestion through its good strains of bacteria, having very little to no negative side effects.

It also may support gut health through intake of the supplement by natural means. It may free you from stress and may help boost your confidence as well. Enjoy the benefits of Vitapost Probiotic 40-Billion with all of your favorite foods and stay healthy and energetic throughout the day.

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Microbiome Plus Probiotic

Microbiome Plus Probiotic
Microbiome Plus

#3. MicroBiome Plus+ Probiotic: Best For Healthy Bowel

With its formulation of vegetarian and non-gluten nutraceuticals, MicroBiome Plus+ Probiotic may help boost immunity. Moreover, through regular oral consumption of these capsules, one may keep a quintessential metabolism of the bile and a balanced bacterial composition.

This Longhill Enterprise Ltd Canada-manufactured product may maintain bowel irregularities and help in the reduction of bloating and heartburn.

This doctor-recommended probiotic may help healthy heart stimulation and body protection and fight with dangerous illnesses.

MicroBiome Plus+ Probiotic also has benefits in addition to reducing cholesterol and enhancing Vitamin A, which all contribute to a life of health and wellness. With regular consumption of this probiotic, one may have digestive mechanism advancement and an increase in nutrient absorption.


• Scientifically well-researched supplement therapy
• Seven billion colony forming units (CFUs) aid in maintaining microbial balance
• May help rejuvenate good bacteria and eliminate microbial pathogens or bad bacteria
• May enhance one’s bowel functions and conquer gastrointestinal problems
• May provide consumption of excess fat through efficient bile metabolism
• May promote weight regulation, control insulin levels, and act as a regulator of anti-inflammation


• In very minimal instances, consumers have claimed to have an upset stomach after product consumption
• Only available online

MicroBiome Plus+ Probiotic is the best investment to improve one’s digestive system, cardiovascular health, and immunity. This product is excellent for those who want a minimalistic supplement since others contain a combination of a number of ingredients.

MicroBiome Plus+ narrows down all of the effects to one probiotic. With hundreds of positive user reviews, this product has proven to be beneficial on digestion, cholesterol intake, and overall well-being. As a scientifically-researched probiotic, the product’s positive reviews from hundreds of customers make it worth trying.

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Previnex Probiotic

Previnex Probiotic

#4. Previnex Probiotic: Best Probiotics for Digestion

As a premier dietary supplement, Previnex Probiotic may help take care of bacterial pathogens from the lining of one’s gut.

The supplement may improve the digestive system’s overall health through its sturdy secretion of bacteria — 30 billion of the good ones.

This Previnex U.S.-manufactured probiotic captures in each capsule the nourishment of ingredients that are nutraceutical and non-chemical. Its blend has compounds of nutraflora and lactobacillus, which are safe and may help revitalize one’s immunity.

Moreover, all good bacteria in each strain of this probiotic gear towards improving six important digestive health areas. Therefore, with Previnex Probiotic, one can reap the benefits of a lifestyle of proactiveness, not thinking of disruptions that affect one’s bodily functions.


• Has strains of bacteria resistant to acids that may aid in gut health improvement
• Sufficient composition per serving of NutraFlora probiotics and 30 billion CFUs that may regulate the production of healthy bacteria
• Can be stored anywhere and does not need to be refrigerated
• Functional composite clinically proven safe and free from chemical additives
• Many positive reviews from loyal and valued customers


• Only available on the company’s official website

Among other supplements on the market, Previnex Probiotic appears to be reasonable, reputable, and an excellent product for those who have struggled with various digestive problems in the past.

Previnex Probiotic is the first supplement to provide regularity in bowel movement and consistently aid in normal digestion. With a multitude of products on the market, customers have genuinely provided positive feedback about the product, and it is deemed as one of the best probiotics in the market today.

Highly recommended and found to be one of the best, Previnex Probiotic promises to promote the best effects for digestive regulation and end gastrointestinal problems once and for all.

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Vitauthority SBO Probiotic + Greens

Vitauthority SBO Probiotic + Greens
Vitauthority SBO

#5. Vitauthority SBO Probiotics + Greens: Best For Inflammation

Vitauthority SBO Probiotics + Greens is a probiotic supplement that may energize and enhance one’s digestion and immunity. With regular consumption, this supplement may contribute to the body’s overall metabolism through its composition of organic superfoods.

Vitauthority SBO Probiotics + Greens are U.S.-based, have a cGMP-regulated manufacturing facility, and adhere to international production standards.

Each wellness pill is packed with SBOs (soil-based organisms) that organically may help bowel movement and functional improvement in the abdominal region.

With its nutraceutical goodness composed of non-chemical ingredients, the likes of broccoli, kale, spinach, and organic spirulina, each capsule is bursting with immunity-boosting minerals and multivitamins.

In addition, this supplement may help fight inflammation issues through its antioxidative properties. Therefore, it may revitalize cells of the skin and regulate gut health.


• Follows cGMP standards in manufacturing with its supplement formulation clinically certified
• No unwanted ingredients like dairy, soy, GMO, gluten, and allergens used
• Best for bad bacteria elimination from the gut lining
• Composed of all-organic ingredients and is free from artificial fillers and dangerous chemicals
• May aid in losing weight, rejuvenating the skin, and enhancing the digestive system’s immunity and health


• Only available on the official website

Vitauthority SBO Probiotics + Greens is a probiotic supplement that may help digestion, immunity, and overall health and wellness.

Customers notice great outcomes after taking these probiotic supplements and the results were very quick. In addition, it has organic greens blended along with Amylase, a known enzyme.

With its caliber of quality, this certain probiotic is living up to your money’s worth. In the past, many have encountered other probiotics. However, with this one, people are noticing immediate results.

Many users claimed Vitauthority SBO Probiotics + Greens supplements really helped calm their upset stomach. According to most of the users, the outcome was noticeable and quick.

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Find The Most Effective Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are edible and usually included in fermented foods and supplements. Numerous studies have shown the effects of a balanced and imbalanced number of bacteria in one’s digestive functions and how it can affect our overall health and wellness.

So, start taking probiotic supplements. They provide the right amount of gut bacteria needed by the body, resulting in an array of health benefits. Some of these include weight loss and improvement in digestive health, immune functions, and more.

Benefits and Side Effects

These are some of the key benefits of probiotics:

• May Aid in the Control and Regulation of Good Bacteria
Probiotics may aid in the control and regulation of good bacteria inside the digestive system. Probiotics are live microorganisms and, when taken sufficiently, may help restore the natural gut bacteria balance inside the body, resulting in numerous health benefits.
• May Assist in the Prevention and Cure of Diarrhea
Probiotics may assist in the prevention and cure of diarrhea and other bowel movement irregularities. These supplements can lessen the risks and severity of known digestive disorders like diarrhea and LBM (low bowel movement) resulting from a multitude of causes.
• May Help Combat Mental Health Problems
Studies show that probiotic consumption may help improve certain mental health symptoms like anxiety, depression, memory, and stress, to name a few.
• Healthy Heart
There are known probiotic strains that help maintain a healthy heart. These supplements aid in protecting the heart from “bad” LDL cholesterol by reducing its levels and helping lower blood pressure.

• May Lessen the Effects of Allergies and Eczema
Probiotics may lower the risks and severe effects of some allergies, like eczema in babies and children. Further research is still needed for this claim, though.
• May Aid in the Reduction of Certain Digestive Disorders
Probiotics may aid in the reduction of certain digestive disorder symptoms. These supplements may reduce digestive problems such as ulcerative colitis, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and necrotizing enterocolitis.
• Immune System Booster
Probiotics may assist in immune system boosting and infection protection.
• May Contribute to Weight and Belly Fat Loss
Certain probiotics may help in losing weight and belly fat. However, other strains are known to cause weight gain.

Who Should and Should Not Take Probiotics?

Before taking any kinds of probiotics, it is best to consult your doctor or a pharmacist first to see if this product can help you. Those who have deficiencies in their immune system or are undergoing cancer treatment should not use probiotics without consulting their doctor first.

The most common species used in probiotics are the Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium. Usually freeze-dried, the bacteria remain alive; so, when you consume the probiotic, they make their way to your digestive system, where they warm up and become fully active.

Most probiotic supplements are available in drugstores, pharmacies, as well as in groceries and supermarkets. They come in different forms — either as a capsule, a pill, a tablet, or as a loose powder you can sprinkle on the food you will consume. Either way, all of these are effective ways to consume probiotics.

In buying these probiotic supplements, you want the ones that clearly show a “sell-by” or expiration date. On the other hand, you do not want to consume one that is already expired. Dosages differ based on the brand you will buy.

Therefore, there is no known general recommended dosing. However, there are common dosages for adults — ranging from five billion to ten billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per day. Usually, one dosage of probiotics per day is enough.

Some may experience loose bowel movements in the first few days from the beginning of consumption. But eventually, this goes away once your body gets used to the daily intake. It is advisable to take probiotics after a meal to help reduce these symptoms.

How to Make the Most Out of Probiotics?

The best way to maximize the use of probiotics is to pay close attention to your scheduled time of supplement intake. According to experts, probiotics with lactobacillus or bifidobacterial strains are best consumed 30 minutes before a scheduled or unscheduled meal, while saccharomyces boulardii can be consumed anytime.

So, it is best to talk to your doctor about scheduling your probiotic supplement intake for you to attain benefits of a maximum degree.

Furthermore, consistency is essential. For optimal probiotic supplement health benefits, it is best to take your supplement daily. Establishing a routine around your scheduled probiotic intake makes it easier to remember. The natural environment for probiotic bacteria is the small and large intestine, where they perform all of their goodness to strengthen your digestion and immune system and assist in many other critical functions.

To make their way there, they need to pass through your stomach, which is very acidic. In fact, the stomach is designed to kill any bad bacteria and viruses that might find their way into your body either through food or water. For the probiotic bacteria, this is bad, as prolonged exposure to stomach acid eventually kills them.

So, the goal is to get the probiotics through your stomach acid as fast as possible.  That is why it is recommended to take probiotics ideally on an empty stomach. For example, taking them two to three hours after your last meal and 30 minutes before the next meal can help the probiotics bacteria move through the stomach as fast as possible.

Overall, the most important thing to do when consuming a probiotic supplement is to carefully read the recommended use instructions on the packaging. These will tell you when and how to consume the specific probiotic of your choice.

For most of them, consumption on an empty stomach is a good idea, as it improves their survival rates through stomach acid. But then again, it is still best to consult your doctor about this matter.

FAQs About Probiotics

Q1. Is It Safe to Take Probiotic Supplements?

Probiotic supplements are proven to be safe and very healthy, especially with regular intake. But, keep in mind that each of us may react differently to others, so best consult your doctors and physicians before trying it. However, through clinical trials and research studies, most humans respond positively to probiotics.

Although there are still many studies to be done regarding probiotics and their many components, researchers are still expected to give official results on these said ingredients. Most studies that have already been done produced positive feedback for these products, but further trials and studies are still needed.

Technically speaking, the formulation of nutraceuticals of these supplements is enough to deem them very safe and reliable for consumption.

Q2. Are There Harmful Chemicals in These Probiotic Supplements?

Initially, probiotic products and supplements are stripped of additives and chemicals that are harmful in nature so these pills only consist of all-natural nutraceutical compositions. With this process, these supplements will not have any side effects.

Harmful traces of allergens, dairy, soy, gluten, and GMOs are devoid of probiotics to prevent any danger to the body. So, we can safely depend on these products to optimize our immune system and cleanse our digestive lining from toxins.

Through their safe formulation, these supplements are reliable for consumption. And, it is proven that probiotic supplements help your weight-loss journey and skin cell rejuvenation.

Q3. How Do Probiotics Help Boost Your Immunity?

With outstanding effects in immunity-boosting, probiotics are a great choice for our body. They improve our gut health and help us perform at our best.

Additionally, each probiotic pill is an amalgamation of billions of CFUs that regulate and contribute to the immune cells being healthy. As they become optimized, they effectively fight cancer properties and symptoms and eradicate pathogenic bacteria down to its core.

With healthy immune cells, certain problems and diseases are prevented, such as asthma, bloating, common colds, inflammation, and even type 1 diabetes.

These supplements also may be effective not just for adults but also for children, especially in curing irregularities in bowel movement and diarrhea issues. Through these results, one can have a boost in their immune function and eventually enhance their well-being.

Q4. Are These Products Backed by Science?

Probiotics are scientifically-proven supplements and highly recommended in the scientific field, especially by medical practitioners like doctors due to their adverse and unparalleled benefits to one’s health and wellness.

As we speak, new microorganisms are added to the numerous probiotic organisms, ready to be studied, cultured, and cultivated.

An abundance of funding for probiotic research contributes to the apparent success of studies done for this field. The most important one amongst all is the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH).

An evident common ground amongst all products in this list is their adherence to the standards of FDA and cGMP, making the manufacturing of these said products very reliable and ensuring the utmost obedience to R&D policies to help maximize the benefits provided for health and wellness.

Q5. Probiotics and Antibiotics—Are They the Same or Different?

There may be similarities between these two names, but a significant difference remains amid probiotics and antibiotics. Technically speaking, antibiotics kill bacteria entering the gut lining, which is very much different from what a probiotic is.

Meanwhile, probiotics are amalgams of nutraceutical compounds that help boost good bacteria and their natural production. They alter the pH levels in the gut and then protect it from being weak and vulnerable against pathogens or those that cause diseases.

Aside from the aforementioned, antibiotics’ function may harm the body one way or another. For example, their presence in the body can cause diarrhea and acidity in the stomach.

On the other hand, probiotics guard the digestive tract and its functions from illnesses and enhance its metabolism overall.

Q6. What Are the Major Ingredients to Look for in a Probiotic Supplement?

Probiotics are supplements that are a blend of natural and nutraceutical elements that have non-chemical ingredients.

You need to look for ingredients such as lactobacillus acidophilus, insulin, nutraflora prebiotic fiber, and bifidobacterium lactis, among others. These said ingredients are devoid of additives and artificial fillers that harm organs.

In addition, the ingredients mentioned above are known to be produced in standardized facilities by the cGMP. They follow safe fabrication protocols in formulation, and every human unit is subjected to trials before eventually being sold to the market.

These probiotic supplements are very reliable without a doubt since every ingredient used is safe and harmless.

Q7. Are There Benefits in Using Probiotic Supplements?

In general, probiotic supplements provide benefits like:
• May contribute to metabolism and digestive functions.
• May boost immunity and gut construction and protection.
• May aid in losing weight and rejuvenating dead skin cells.
• May help control the body’s pH levels.
• May improve one’s mood as well as cognition.

So, level up in terms of health and wellness by using probiotic supplements. Add your regular intake alongside a diet rich in nutrients and a workout routine to maximize good results.

Q8. Are There Any Side Effects for Probiotic Supplements?

Since most are formulated in clinically-proven, safe, standardized facilities and laboratories, probiotic supplements have no known side effects. In addition, each capsule has undergone extensive trials before making its way to the stores and markets.

Scientific studies show probiotic supplements to contain strains of healthy lactobacillus and bifidobacterial components. In addition, each capsule is devoid of antigens, dairy, soy, gluten, and GMOs, so it is very unlikely one will experience side effects.

With this rigorous process, it is very safe to consume these probiotic supplements to boost gut health and the digestive system. Probiotic supplements are completely safe to consume, but it would be best to consult your doctor or physician to check if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

In Conclusion: Should You Add Probiotic Supplement to Your Routine?

Probiotic supplements are made up of good bacteria. These good bacteria help the body in many ways, like fighting off bad bacteria when there is too much of it.

If you are someone who always suffers from constipation, give these probiotic supplements a go, as consistent consumption may keep you regular.

Throughout the years, countless studies have been done on probiotics. Through these studies, we now know how probiotic supplements help in the prevention of a lot of medical conditions.

Data supporting their role in other conditions are often conflicting, and more research still needs to be done, but probiotics have already proven their effectiveness ever since.

So, feel free to invest your hard-earned money in one of the probiotic supplements we have mentioned above. We hope you will be able to see the outcome for yourself.

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