July 24, 2024

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5 Differences Between Common And Political Sense!

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5 Differences Between Common And Political Sense!

Why does, it, often, appear/ seem, politics, politicians, political agenda, self – interest/ greed, etc, interfere, with the ability of many public officials, to proceed, with the necessary degree, of, genuine, necessary, common sense? Remember, what makes, political sense, may, or may not, be the best, most logical, effective, efficient, responsive, responsible, and relevant, course of action, and associated planning! There are many examples, of why, this matters, and, how often, it often, occurs, but, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific differences, between common and political sense, and why it is significant.

1. Selective enforcement of rights, etc: How often, do we observe, the hypocritical behavior, rhetoric, and messaging, by those, we elect, supposedly, to serve and represent our best interests? When, partisan politics, and a political/ personal agenda, and/ or, self – interest, is prioritized, instead of evaluating issues, and processes, on their merits, we all lose! For example, why do, many, who, constantly demand their 2nd Amendment Rights, while minimizing many of the rights and freedoms, of others, which are protecting by Constitutional guarantees, etc? Why do many of these individuals, support a proposal, when their Party, is, in – control, but, refuse to it, when they believe, there is any possibility of politically, helping, an adversary, etc?

2. Why is there no, sane, gun safety control?: Although, the 2nd Amendment, actually, referred to the rights of states to arm – themselves, in order to have a State Militia, many claim, it gives them, the right to bear arms, and carry a gun! Since, the guns, which existed, when the Founding Fathers, created this protection, only fired one shot, and took, about 2 minutes, to reload, while today, many guns carry several rounds, and, permit, the user, to shoot, several times, in a shorter – period! If, after, all the incidents, and shootings, they still won’t create a sane policy, to protect the greater good, it demonstrates, a significant difference, between common, and political sense!

3. Pros and Cons of Immigration Policies: For a nation, founded and developed, by immigrants, from many other nations, some politicians, believing blaming and complaining, about immigration, inspires their supporters/ core, and, refuse to develop, well – considered, fair, unbiased, immigration policies, which, protect the actual, best interests, of the greater good!

4. Ramifications of Climate Change, versus, economics: Scientists, and experts, clearly, warn us, of the dangers, into the future, of Climate Change, and the need, to address the carbon – imprint, and potential harm, in a relevant, sustainable manner! Some politicians, deny science, and claim, it harms us, economically, by creating, a more sustainable approach!

5. Health care costs, and prescription costs: Why, does this nation, and our citizens, pay more for health care, and prescription drugs, than, almost all other nations, around the world? Even, at that cost, data shows, we still, do not have the best results, and/ or, healthiest citizens! Why do we pay, so much more, for prescription drugs, than others, pay, for the identical medications? Wouldn’t it, make sense, for us, to ensure, quality health care, etc, was considered a right, instead of, merely, a privilege, etc?

Don’t confuse, common sense, with political realities? Be a more responsible, citizen, and voter, and demand, better, more – responsive, elected and public officials, and representatives!

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