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6 Types of Health That Make Up You Part I

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6 Types of Health That Make Up You Part I

“Take Control Of Your Health Naturally”

What Does Physical Health Mean?

Physical health can be explained as being the “condition” of your body. Good physical health is when your body is functioning as it was designed to function.

What are some things that affect my physical health?

Below are four categories of things that affect this type of health. You cannot always control the things that affect your physical body. However, you can take preventative measures to minimize injury and help your body to function at its best. Lifestyle. This element of physical health can be one of the most difficult to control at times. This includes our diet, our emotional health, our level of physical activity, and our behaviors. Diet and exercise can be a couple of the most troublesome areas for some. These are things that we can change about our lifestyles to help our bodies stay healthy.

Environment. Our environment includes the type of air we breathe, the places we live and our surroundings. We may have to change our environments if they are really bad for our health. We have choices as to how we treat our environment as well.

Heredity. There may be things in our genetics and our chemistry that are perceived as abnormal. They may make it harder to achieve complete health. Such as high cholesterol. That runs in my family. My mother has it. I have it. It is very likely my daughter will have it. Knowing that helps each of us make decisions concerning our healthcare. Even though we cannot control our genetics, we can control how we treat our illnesses.

Healthcare. These are the services that we get to help us prevent illness, detect illness or treat illness. There is lots of information that we can now use that will allow us to use good ole’ Mother Nature to help prevent or treat illnesses as well.

What can be done?

While physical health consists of many components, here are some areas that should be addressed:

Exercise strength, flexibility, and endurance

Nutrition and dietnutrient intake, fluid intake, and healthy digestion

Drugs and alcoholthe abstinence from or reduced consumption of these substances

Natural healthcareaddressing minor ailments or injuries and seeking emergency care as necessary

Rest and sleepperiodic rest and relaxation, along with high quality sleep

Stress relief simply relieving the body of negative emotion and over work

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