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A Weight Loss Diet Review – The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet

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A Weight Loss Diet Review – The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet

Description – The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet is one of the easy ways to lose weight. It is a low-carb/high protein diet, which is based on eating low GI carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats.

The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet claims you can eat all the protein that you like and still lose weight. All you need to do is choose your carbohydrates carefully and use healthy fats to become thin.

It is claimed that it is the fastest way to lose weight and you will be able to consume large amounts of protein while eating small amounts of carbs. It has been compared to the Atkins Diet but with the difference that you are allowed to eat proper carbs like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and fruit. (On the Atkins Diet the only carbs you are allowed to eat are in the form of salad items and certain vegetables).

It is split into 2 phases, the first phase cuts out all carbs apart from those present in vegetables, so you eat lots of meat,poultry, fish, vegetables, cheese and eggs. The explanation behind phase 1 is that it is supposed to get your body over its addiction to ‘bad’ carbs that raise your blood sugar so quickly so that you release extra insulin, the hormone that keeps you fat. After the 1 week on the Carb Wipe Out you can start to eat new healthy carbs and fats; you won’t have sugar cravings as the Carb Wipe Out will have removed the addiction for ‘bad’ carbs, and your insulin resistance will have died down and return to near normal emissions.

Although Phase 1 looks quite restrictive a lot of people say that as it is only for 7 days they can follow it quite easily and the rapid weight loss spurs them on to complete the course.

Next, you move onto phase 2 where you slowly start to introduce carbs back into your diet, you add in low GI ‘good’ carbs and stay away from foods ‘bad carbs’ that will spike your blood sugar and cause your body to release greater amounts of insulin which in turn causes fat to be retained on the body. However, this phase is much easier to stick to. You will be eating lots of ‘good’ carbs and healthy fats as well as much lean protein that you can manage. There is no restriction on the amount of protein you consume and you can enjoy dishes such as chilli con carne, barbecue or peri peri chicken, peppered steaks, seasoned and encrusted salmon steaks. You are supposed to lose up to 4lbs per week on this phase of the diet.

Unlike other diets, in the main this one does not concentrate on calories or portion sizes, instead it relies on stabilising your blood sugar levels so that you are not craving sugary foods and snacks and not releasing too much insulin.

The hardest part of the this diet is your degree of self control and will power, but even then The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet provides a supplement that can you can use to help you through the diet if your will power is weak.

So what are the drawbacks? From comments made it seems to be that the biggest hurdle is getting through the 1st phase, but once the dieter has got past day 3 everything seems to be plain sailing.

Generally, this diet is a healthy supercharged way of eating, which can be used to lose weight, prevent illnesses (in particular diabetes) because of its balance of lean proteins ‘good’ carbohydrates and health fats do not spike blood sugars and put a burden on the pancreas which secretes insulin. It is a diet that one can use for life.

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