April 19, 2024

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Action Matters For Mental Health- Thoughts And Feeling Are Not Enough

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“Mental Health” is the term often misinterpreted by the majority of the people around us. People do not even consider it when talking about health. Still, scientifically speaking, mental health is way more important than physical health because it can affect a human being in ways that physical fitness cannot. It tells us about what’s going on in that head of a person. It is the mental health that needs to be taken care of because feelings and emotions do have the audacity to mess up your entire life.

 Many psycho-therapies are available around us, and in today’s world, the internet is flooded with such websites, offering help to those who are mentally unsound. It might be of a great surprise that not only medication, physical exercises, or stable life status keeps you mentally healthy, but also your pet. Yes, your pet can be a great emotional support for your mental wellbeing. Emotional support animal (ESA) is a new and useful trend for treating people with mental health issues. Various animals act as an ESA, like that of a dog or horse. Still, for that purpose, one must consult professional ESA doctors’ review for profound details of the emotional support animal to get maximum benefits.  

It is a universal concept that every mental sickness modifies the spiritual as well as the physical health of a person. We have often heard the term “CBT” (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). The word “Cognitive” is written before the term “behaviour,” and this begs the question about the importance of actions. Scientifically speaking, actions matter more than the words ever can because thoughts are all in our heads, but steps are how we express our opinions.  Actions measure our mental health. This may sound wrong to a person suffering from mental health because they are so lost in the complicated mind bubble that they think there is nothing they can do about anything. If we look closely, then it becomes pretty evident that actions are the rewards of our thinking. If we are aiming to be satisfied and pleased, we will take action to attain it.

On the other hand, if we are all sad, then we won’t take any actions at all. We would be there staring at the ceiling. One prominent example of such a concept is seen when you have a test, and you are not mentally ready to give the test, so you keep on stressing about it to the point that you don’t feel well. Consequently, you end up missing the test. Another example is when you feel neglected by one of your friends, the action that must be taken here is that you go to that friend and ask about what’s wrong, but instead you gather more understandings and end up losing that friend of yours. Here, if the action were taken, you would have a better ability to handle the situation, but you didn’t.

Most importantly, the treatment of mental illness entails you to take actions. To be engaged in school, gatherings, or anywhere around people, it helps to remove the emptiness eventually. The treatment also requires you to be physically fit because a sound body has a sound mind, and we all know how much effort it takes to be physically fit. The other side of mental illness suggests that a person might be suffering from some physical disease which is triggering the neurological problems.

One concept suggests that emotions and behaviours are linearly related to one another while the other scientific theory suggests the opposite. For instance, depression, grief, and anxiety can be therapeutically treated by reprocessing those emotions and getting over such sadness.

So, feelings and emotions are important, but actions have their prominence, and they speak a lot about a person’s personality because you are judged by your actions, which are pretty apparent to the people, not by the thoughts you carry in your heads.

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