July 24, 2024

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Cat Care Tips – #1

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Cat Care Tips – #1

A badly behaved cat may have a medical condition

If your cat is not behaving correctly then he may have a medical condition – this will need attention. You may not be aware of this, but many cats who display behavior problems are often suffering from some type of illness. For example, a cat who has had diabetes for a while will drink lots of water and urinate almost constantly all over the place. Though this may seem like a behavior problem to a pet owner who is not aware of his cats medical issue, it is a serious occurrence that the cat cannot help unless he is properly treated.

Use spray water bottles to help train your cat

This is good technique. However, do not get too trigger-happy. Your only goal is to give a light squirt to your cat whenever you see him doing something wrong. Although you are the one shooting the water, he doesn’t realize that. All your cat knows is that whenever he approaches the couch he feels shocking spurts of water hit the side of his head or body.

Neuter your cat for better behaviour

The truth is that cats whom fight a lot are that way simply because they have not been neutered. When females are not pregnant, they are in heat virtually nonstop. Males on the other hand, are constantly seeking a mate. These two combinations will undoubtedly cause a lot of friction and fighting. However, once a feral cat has been taken in and neutered, this fighting stops.

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