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Bear Safety Tips for Exploring the Backcountry

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There are several precautions to look at when you head into the wilderness for a hike or tenting journey, but one particular of most significant situations to put together for is a achievable bear experience. From keeping away from bears to knowing what to do if you face one, suitable bear security is an vital backcountry talent.



North The us is household to three species of bears: polar bears, brown bears (which involves grizzlies), and black bears. Polar bears are only located in the northern reaches of Canada and Alaska, so you will not come across them unless of course you’re venturing into these areas. Brown bears, meanwhile, are located in western Canada, Alaska, and in states like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington. Black bears have an even much larger selection: They can be uncovered throughout the northern, jap, and western United States and just about all of Canada. In other words, brown bears and black bears are the kinds you’ll want to be vigilant for on your next excursion.

Bear assaults are extremely unusual. Bear-connected fatalities are rarer nevertheless. Even so, assaults are on the rise this calendar year, and it is a reminder of what can go incorrect if the appropriate bear security precautions are not taken. So how can you put together on your own for probable bear encounters—and possible bear attacks—next time you’re off the grid? We asked Bruce Zawalsky from Boreal Wilderness Institute, a faculty that features bear recognition classes, to get us up to pace. Here’s what you want to know to continue to be safe and sound in bear state.

How to Stay clear of Bears

Rule No. 1 of bear safety is to keep away from bears entirely. The good news is that bears will frequently steer distinct of you. Still, there are situations of year when your odds of operating into a potentially perilous bear enhance. Young bears are normally much more energetic in the spring, suggests Zawalsky, whilst mothers and cubs are specifically active in the fall as they forage for meals to endure the winter.

No issue the time, there are a several vital strategies to follow to inspire bears to keep away: Make a lot of sound and retain any smells that would desire a bear to a minimum.

“The human voice is the best way to notify bears in the region that you are all over,” Zawalsky tells Men’s Journal. “Bears—blacks and grizzlies—understand you are in the location and will commonly steer clear or simply allow you go by, usually without the need of you ever recognizing they’re about.”

Decreasing smells will also make you considerably less desirable to bears. Stay clear of bringing specially smelly foodstuff with you, never don colognes or perfumes, clean your clothing, and make absolutely sure all your foodstuff and rubbish is effectively sealed.

“Interesting scents and smells entice bears, who have an exceptional perception of smell—much improved than individuals do,” claims Zawalsky.

How to Get ready for Bear Encounters

Even if you choose the safety measures outlined earlier mentioned, there is however a chance you are going to operate into a bear. You want to be nicely organized for these kinds of an party.

The finest matter you can do, in accordance to Zawalsky, is stock up on bear spray, which is primarily a supercharged can of pepper spray. Make positive you know how to deploy the spray before you established out. For case in point, you never want to fireplace the bear spray into the wind (you’ll only close up in a cloud of it oneself), and you really don’t want to inadvertently deploy the spray behind the bear, as that could travel the animal in your course.

Other bear safety products and solutions like bear bangers—basically a roman candle deployed from a pen-shaped launcher—can also be productive but need to not change bear spray.

“Bear spray is the very best detail on the marketplace,” Zawalsky states. “To assistance push absent a dilemma bear you can use bear bangers or a whistle, but bear spray should be carried for straightforward one-handed deployment.”

Proper strategy is important when employing bear spray: a two second blast at a slight downward angle whilst moving your arm in a round movement. Purpose for the bear’s eyes and nose. Zawalsky suggests this online video to familiarize on your own with bear spray.

“Learn to use it before you journey into the wilderness,” he suggests.

What to Do When You See a Bear

If you see a bear at a considerable length, your most effective alternative is to give it a wide berth and preserve moving—particularly if the bear doesn’t look to notice you. If the bear notices you but doesn’t technique, talk to the bear in a ordinary but company voice. Preferably, it will possibly remain place or go away the area.

“Talk to the bear in a usual voice and in most conditions the bear will leave,” Zawalsky states. “Until it receives in 25 meters or so [roughly 80 feet] this will work wonderful.”

What to Do if a Bear Approaches You

If a bear commences acquiring much too shut for consolation, it’s time to start having serious measures. Speaking to the bear is however significant, but blowing a whistle or deploying a bear banger can also be handy. Just be thorough not to shoot the bear banger powering the bear, as this could scare it in your way. Goal for the ground in entrance of it. You also want to get ready to use your bear spray, which is greatest deployed at shut variety.

“After [a bear gets closer than 25 meters] make a bit extra sound,” Zawalsky says. “Use your whistle or bear bangers at it strategies. If it will get closer, attract your bear spray and be geared up to use it.”

Recall that bear spray is a brief-array deterrent. Its effective selection is concerning a few and 5 meters (roughly 10 to 16 feet), Zawalsky states.

“If you can, depart the location by strolling slowly but surely away from the bear and continuing to speak to it as you go,” he provides.

What to Do if a Bear Attacks

Let’s speak about the worst-situation situation. All your preventive steps have failed, and a bear is charging in to assault you. Zawalsky pulls no punches right here: This is a lifestyle-or-death problem, and you need to do what ever you can to survive.

No option is off-limits in a predicament like this, but there are a several techniques that could serve you nicely. Bear spray can even now be successful in an assault scenario, and any amount of wilderness equipment can be repurposed into weapons in a pinch. Zawalsky endorses targeting the sensitive parts of the bear’s confront.

“Use an additional blast of bear spray or just adhere the canister in its mouth,” he states. “Fight again with something you have, which includes a pocket knife, axe, or even a rock.”

No matter what weapon you use, focus on hitting the bear in its eyes, nose, and ears.

“Keep battling,” claims Zawalsky, “you are fighting for your existence.”

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