January 29, 2023

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Childhood apraxia of speech: Other resources

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[MUSIC PLAYING] There is a fantastic organization called the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North The united states (CASANA). This is an firm founded by a father or mother of a child with apraxia of speech. Her name is Sharon Gretz, and she’s just finished a wonderful job of furnishing this organization as a position where parents can go to get more information. CASANA really fosters this partnership concerning speech pathologists and dad and mom in a way that I consider has been terrifically helpful. I would stimulate mother and father who want more information and facts about childhood apraxia of speech to go to their site, which is apraxia-youngsters.org.

Many moms and dads are very anxious. They are nervous when their baby is not acquiring speech in a regular way. They get even a lot more nervous when they hear conditions like apraxia of speech, which seems fairly ominous. But it is actually just a label for a subset of youngsters that have speech audio disorders. One particular of the 1st issues I like to do when I’m assembly with a dad or mum is to guarantee them that most children that have childhood apraxia of speech — and most speech ailments — are heading to be talkers. Some will want additional treatment than other individuals, but I’ve fulfilled really handful of small children with childhood apraxia who are in no way capable to talk. Some young children who have incredibly severe apraxia when they’re younger could possibly often have some residual challenges that make them sound potentially a little bit distinct. But they will generally be intelligible, verbal communicators.

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