June 15, 2024

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Do You Believe In The Importance Of Goodness?

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Many people don’t believe in the existence of goodness because they had many disappointments in life.

The truth is that we want to be good when we are young and we have an optimistic image of the world, but after facing deception and betrayal, we understand that the cruel world is unfair, and there is no justice on earth.

So, we don’t believe that we can survive if we will have the behavior of saints among so many liars, murderers, and thieves. We don’t think that goodness is useful in our reality.

We believe that we have to defend our interests and protect our ego.

However, when we are selfish we follow the erroneous mindset imposed by our anti-conscience and by the hypocritical world. We make many dangerous mistakes and we acquire serious mental health problems.

Selfishness is craziness, but we don’t want to understand this fact.

The same way, we don’t want to do anything to change our reality, even when we see that many things are bad in the world, and in our personal life.

Your dreams will help you understand that having advantages is not what really matters in life. What really matters is the purification of your spirit and your mental health.

Your physical health depends on your mental health and your spiritual purification depends on the elimination of the satanic characteristics that are ruining your thoughts and your behavior.

If you don’t believe in the existence of goodness, this means that you don’t believe in the existence of God. There is goodness because God exists and He discovered the power of goodness.

Your dreams help you verify that God exists because He never stops sending you enlightening dreams with precious information about your mental health and your life in order to help you develop your human side.

God helps you believe in the existence of goodness because He is very generous with you.

Until our historical time humanity couldn’t understand scientific explanations. Now that we managed to discover the power of science, now that Carl Jung managed to give us scientific definitions that helped us understand God’s words in dreams, and now that I simplified his complicated method of dream interpretation, everyone can have a direct communication with God.

Now we can learn how to stop having mental health problems, how to stop having physical problems, and how to stop having many other problems in life because now we can understand how to stop doing what our satanic anti-conscience imposes to our conscience, and imitate the admirable behavior of saints.

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