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Essential Oils – Hemlock Spruce – A Great Respiratory Oil

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Essential Oils – Hemlock Spruce – A Great Respiratory Oil

Hemlock is not to be confused with Conium maculatum, a common European herb that contains the alkaloid coniine and was probably the state poison of Ancient Greece, and the purported poison used in the execution of Socrates. (This is the more commonly understood meaning in European and most historical contexts.) The hemlock we are referring to in this article is the hemlock spruce (Tsuga Canadensis) which is in the pine family of botanical plants. We get the oil through steam distillation of the needles and twigs of this conifer tree and the oil is produced today in Canada. The Hemlock spruce is closely related to the Douglas Fir tree. The hemlock is a large evergreen tree that can grow up to 160 feet high. It has slender horizontal branches with small brown cones.

Traditionally hemlock spruce has been used for respiratory complaints, circulation, muscles and joints as well as stress-related problems.

How Can We Benefit from this Essential Oil Today?

Hemlock or Tsuga as the oil is sometimes referred to, has analgesic and anti-rheumatic properties. It is used as a blood cleanser and a stimulant. Tsuga is good for respiratory conditions, kidney and urinary infections, skin conditions, and venereal diseases.

How Can This Oil Be Applied?

Hemlock can be diluted 50-50 and applied on location, on the chakras/vita flex points, directly inhaled, diffused or taken internally. As for safety, hemlock spruce or Tsuga is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.

Want to know more about essential oils and how they can help us stay healthy? Consider becoming a certified clinical aromatherapist. The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy teaches classes throughout the United States on aromatherapy and energy healing.

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