Fibromyalgia: Self-care guidelines

Fibromyalgia symptoms fluctuate over time, even from working day to working day. Attempt these self-care guidelines to enable you cope with tough times.

By Mayo Clinic Staff members

Way of life changes and prescription drugs can reduce the severity of fibromyalgia suffering and fatigue, but you’ll in all probability nevertheless have some lousy times. Being aware of that, you can program ahead for people lousy times. The subsequent guidelines may well enable choose your mind off the suffering and probably relieve your distress.

Place on some music

Songs can have a impressive result on moods and feelings. Songs also can help reduce suffering and improve mobility.

What music operates most effective? Any music you like. So turn on some of your preferred tunes and allow the music have you away.

Songs that’s embedded with delta waves — a style of mind wave — may well enable strengthen your snooze.

Have a snicker

Even on rough times, it can help if you can preserve your feeling of humor. Shell out time with people today who have a good outlook and a fantastic feeling of humor. Hire a amusing film or read through the comics. Laughter can enable relieve suffering by releasing mind chemicals that greatly enhance a feeling of perfectly-becoming.

Get a tub

Several experiments have seemed into balneotherapy for fibromyalgia. Balneotherapy, which signifies bathing to handle an health issues, seems to reduce suffering and stiffness.

This is not astonishing, provided that warm h2o can help reduce muscle tension, market relaxation and reduce suffering. Increase to that the commonly nice working experience of becoming at a spa or a comparable environment.

But it truly is vital not to devote much too considerably time in the tub, or to usually choose long soaks. Remaining in the tub for a long time may well make you concentrate on how lousy you are sensation, and it can really make you sense even worse. Rather look at an occasional small soak in your property tub or a spa as a handle.

If visits to a spa usually are not your matter, check out producing a spa-like atmosphere at property and have a soak in your personal bathtub. Or look for a community middle or health club with a heated pool or sauna rooms.

Aware movement

Work out is regarded to be effective for people today with fibromyalgia. And, combining work out with an consciousness of your body, the actions and the second (mindfulness) may well be even far more handy.

Exploration suggests that tai chi — a exercise originating in China that entails moving the body bit by bit, gently and with consciousness — may well present a profit to people today with fibromyalgia. Yoga and the Chinese healing artwork of qi gong, which brings together meditation, managed respiratory and movement exercises, also have revealed assure.


Meditation entails focusing your mind to pay back notice only to what’s going on proper now, this second. If you are not certain about meditation, check out paced respiratory — managed respiratory made to lessen your coronary heart amount. Or listen to a CD made to enable you rest and relieve into a far more mindful condition.

Attempt guided imagery

With guided imagery, you concentrate on nice pictures to swap stressful or adverse feelings. This enables you to consider a different inner fact. This can be guided by a practitioner, or you can do it at property employing a CD, DVD or cell phone application.

Get a therapeutic massage

Massage remedy has been widely utilized as a complementary and choice therapy for fibromyalgia. Most of the experiments have located that therapeutic massage remedy considerably enhances suffering, anxiety and depression in people today with fibromyalgia.

But not anyone finds therapeutic massage handy. For some people today, therapeutic massage may well make their suffering even worse.

If you’d like to check out therapeutic massage, discover a therapist you like and who is acquainted with fibromyalgia. The therapeutic massage therapist may well will need to begin with pretty light therapeutic massage and perform up to a larger intensity for your comfort and ease.

Your physician, actual physical therapist or other wellbeing care suppliers may well be capable to advise highly regarded therapists in your area. Be certain to test with your insurance program to see if therapeutic massage remedy is coated.

Aim on one thing meaningful to you

Volunteer for a lead to you care about. Read to nursing property citizens or young small children in child care. Or, ask your nearby animal shelter if they will need any support.

Concentrating on others can enable choose your mind off your symptoms for a minimal when, and you may well discover the working experience pretty gratifying.

Take a look at your selections

For the reason that fibromyalgia are unable to be treated, it truly is vital to have a range of techniques for dealing with your symptoms. If you have not already, talk with your physician or other wellbeing care company about nondrug self-care techniques.

Not all therapies will enable anyone, of course. Experiment and see what operates for you.