April 19, 2024

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For Its Latest Collection, Hydro Flask Looked to Nature for Inspiration

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When qualified surfer and scientist Dr. Cliff Kapono experiments coral reefs around the planet and at residence in Hawaii, he pays shut interest to the vibrancy of the colors—signals of the reef’s health. Hydro Flask’s latest collection of tumblers, bottles, coolers and totes options four bright hues that were motivated by Kona’s extraordinary surroundings, from the ocean to the land.

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Take Massive Island vibes on your subsequent journey with tumblers, bottles, coolers, and totes impressed by character in Kona.

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“I’m often blown absent by the hues identified in Kona when traveling to,” says Kapono, who life on the east facet in Hilo. “Whether it’s in the mountains or on the reef, the reds, blues, yellow and greens are almost nothing shorter of amazing.”

Loaded, Pink Coastlines and Reefs

Like a great deal of the Hawaiian islands, Kona’s shoreline is described by iron- and magnesium-wealthy basalt fashioned by lava stream. These deep, earthy reds can be spotted in Kona on the jagged cliffs at Close of the Environment and low barriers at White Sands Seaside Park. “The reds are sort of these attractive highlights that exist in this lush globe of greens and blues,” Kapono claims. Underwater, a calcified algae called crustose coralline algae in a lighter shade of pink can help endorse coral reef formation.

Check out the Snapper coloration on Hydro Flask’s internet site.

Golden-Yellow Sunsets

On the west facet of the Big Island, spectacular sunsets in Kona are certain each and every evening. Even when purple and pink are the dominant colours in the sky, there is generally a hint of golden yellow, comparable to the line’s cheerful Starfish shade. “The sky goes as a result of all these distinctive shades of yellow for the reason that there is so a lot sunlight on the west aspect of the island,” Kapono suggests. “When the sun moves throughout the very clear skies, the yellows improve.”

Lush Flora and Fauna

From the coastline up into the highlands, the Major Island is bursting with plant daily life. The better up you go, the wetter and extra tropical the weather, and consequently the extra green. Hoyas, plumerias, hibiscus, citrus species, and tillandsia are a several of Kona’s native vegetation. The flora produces risk-free shelters for the island’s fauna (which is occasionally just as lively), these types of as the vibrant green rose-ringed parakeet.

Look at out the Seagrass color, influenced by the island’s brilliant greens.

A Bluer Ocean

If it appears to be like the water off the coastline of Kona is bluer than in other locations, that’s for the reason that, scientifically talking, it is. In accordance to NASA, the shiny, cerulean-blue shade (just like the Laguna coloration in the new assortment) is a phenomenon produced by the absorption and scattering of light. When daylight hits the ocean—and in Kona, it’s robust and steady, as mentioned—the pink, yellow, and environmentally friendly wavelengths are absorbed by water molecules, permitting the blue and violet wavelengths to area. “The ocean in Kona is such a lovely color of blue,” Kapono claims. “It adjustments throughout the working day, from the early morning to when the solar sets.”

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