May 29, 2023

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Forget FOMO. Do we all have HOGO now?

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The new craze post-pandemic is form of like the opposite of FOMO and it is so exact.

We all remember FOMO or the ‘fear of missing out’. All through its heyday it had us internally cringing while indicating ‘Of training course I’d like to arrive out for the 3rd night in a row’, simply because if we didn’t we’d hazard lacking the ‘prospective fun’ of the evening.

If that had been to transpire, the planet would tumble apart at the seams – appropriate?

A study again in 2015 found that just one in two Australian young people expert FOMO and most of them were the ones that also noted heavy social media use. This trend did not halt at adulthood, with 18-35 yr olds reporting the highest FOMO among adults.

Would make feeling. There is practically nothing like looking at all your friends have *the most enjoyment* at the get together you reported no to, to make you by no means say no again.

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But then came alongside ‘the Russ’ and the never-ending pandemic and social isolation of 2020 and 2021, and the notion was turned on its heels.

Element of living by way of a organic hazard exactly where socialising equals perhaps lethal illness is that you get fairly utilised to missing out, quickly. Those options you had for Christmas beverages with the ladies, cancelled. Operate activities, cancelled. Even just your average tipple with the spouse and children, cancelled.

Even the situations you know you would have hated in any case – cancelled.

The insane point was, when the earth sort of did fall aside, we discovered new techniques to come across indicating in the day. We baked *a good deal*, we did trivia more than Zoom, we went for our socially-distant walks, learnt an instrument, on the net shopped and it was all – to some extent – alright.

The social norms damaged owing to the pandemic could be an essay as very long as the previous two years, but there is no denying that FOMO has very well and genuinely manufactured an exit in our lives. Aren’t we happy to see the again of it?

Now, there’s a new craze identified as HOGO that is acquiring its very little hooks into us, and it primarily suggests the ‘hassle of likely out’.

Much diverse to JOMO ‘the pleasure of lacking out’, which is well-known among introverts, HOGO far more refers to that ‘can’t be bothered’ emotion about the rigmarole of likely out.

Hair rollers, trying to great your liner wing, the considered of the hangover tomorrow and agony of our significant heels is also a lot to bear.

Deliveroo and Netflix is a great deal much less trouble, and nonetheless a large amount of pleasurable.

Of training course that’s not to say that folks who working experience HOGO never ever go out, they just weigh up the significance of the celebration versus the exertion and make that all essential conclusion on irrespective of whether to say ‘no’ or not.

And yep, are we receiving much better at saying ‘no’ much too. At last.

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