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How To Diet For Weight Loss-Weight Management

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Good health has to do with general physical and mental well-being in a person. It is necessary for us to understand and maintain this state of well-being in order to have our bodies for us to understand and maintain this state of well -being in order to have our bodies function at optimal level. This can be achieved through healthy eating, which simply means eating a balanced diet. It’s important that we make an effort to follow a healthy diet, and if possible, a weight loss programme.

You can opt for either a crash, or a steady progressive diet programme. While the former gives faster results, the latter gives long term but sure results.

The crash programmes are usually used to kick start diet programmes. A good diet programme should provide enough nutritional value to make it healthy enough. Being on a diet should not prevent you from eating enough food throughout the day. Eat balanced meals made up of five small meals, spread out through the day.

For positive results, you must change your attitude towards food, and do away with bad eating habits. All foods are necessary for good health, only if eaten in the right proportion and in the right way. A balanced meal should be approximately in the following proportion – carbohydrates 50%, protein 30% fats 20%.

Breakfast can comprise of cereals, or slice of whole wheat bread with egg white/few sardines or four bean (Nigerian) balls/ moi-moi [bean meal] with Nigerian pap as well as honey, low or non – fat / milk, fresh fruits and juices.

Lunch: assorted soups, grilled or boiled chicken, fish, lean beef with salads or whole wheat bread/crackers; as well as fresh fruit/ juices, low or non – fat milk/diet Coke. Small portions of healthier carbohydrates like plantain, yam potatoes, [corn meal] can be eaten with plenty of vegetable soup [Nigerian].

Dinner: assorted soups, salads or good portion of lean protein as well as fruits/ juices. All foods should be eaten in small quantities.


Snack mainly on your essential fruits, vegetable as well as juices, yogurt and low or non – fat milk. With this diet programme, you can lose 1kg in 2 weeks.

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