July 24, 2024

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Ido Fishman Shares Three Secrets to Start Losing Weight

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Ido Fishman Shares Backing Hacks that Actually Work

The most difficult part of losing weight is to start doing it in the first place. You can think about it and make all sorts of plans to be fit, but when it comes to taking action, most people utterly fail. They can’t muster up the courage, strength, and confidence to follow their dream of looking great and becoming physically fit. If they don’t get help at the right time, they open doors for many illnesses and diseases to overcome them as they age. 

According to Ido Fishman, if you can convince someone to get over the first phase of losing weight, they can do the rest themselves. Starting this journey proves to be the biggest difficulty for most people but with the right guidance, they can definitely make this great change in their lives. Let’s take a look at the three secrets that Ido Fishman has shared with people who want to lose weight. 

Write Your Goals Down

You cannot start losing weight unless you write your goals down. This is something most people take for granted only to regret later. When you decide to do something and achieve a particular goal, you forget about it after a few days. If you have the same goal in writing, you can always go back to your journal and see what goal you were following. However, the way you write your goals matters a lot. Don’t start your goals with “I want to”. That’s your state of mind in the present. It will not be relevant when you read it in the future. 

What you want to do is write your goals in the future. Rather than writing “I want to lose 20lbs” you should write “I have lost 20lbs”. Write the date on which you want to achieve this goal and come back to it on that particular day. 

Be as Realistic as Possible

If you don’t set realistic goals, you are preparing a recipe for disaster. Being passionate about your health and looking fit is one thing, making it difficult for yourself is another. By setting unrealistic goals, you are going to take your motivation away because there is a high chance you will not be able to achieve what you want to. Set smaller and realistic goals. This will also keep you coming back to your journal frequently. If you set a big goal and long timeline to achieve it, you might completely forget about it at some point. 

At the same time, you will forget coming back to your journal to read about the goal you had set. By frequently coming back to your journal of goals, you will make it a habit to read it. There will come a point when you will have all your goals in your mind. So, start out by thinking of a realistic goal, set a realistic timeline, and remind yourself of coming back to it in the future. 

Join a Fitness Program or Class

Don’t set out on this journey alone says Ido Fishman. He says that you will be making a huge mistake by doing that. It is best that you join an online class or fitness program that can help you achieve your goals. Tell your goals to your trainer and they will help you achieve them in the most efficient manner possible. There should be a partner who you can share your goals with. There should be a group following the same goals so it gives you strength to do better by putting you in a competitive environment. Just don’t decide to do it alone. 

Final Thoughts

If you can bring yourself up to this task once, you will see things falling into place automatically. It’s like pushing a cart or vehicle. It’s difficult to give it the first push, but when it starts moving, you don’t have to keep pushing it with the same strength. Do the same with your life. Give it a big first push and the rest will start happening on its own. 

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