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Making Decisions About Switching Birth Control Methods

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More than time, your delivery management may well not fit into your lifestyle any longer, or for any quantity of good reasons, you make be seeking to modify it. It is standard and entirely protected to change delivery regulate methods, as long as you talk to your medical doctor first. Studying about diverse varieties of delivery control and how to safely and securely swap can support you locate the greatest process for you.

Why You May well Want to Swap Start Management Procedures

It may be a great time to take into account a new form of start control if:

You forget about to choose your pill. If you overlook to just take their tablet at the very same time every single working day, it can set you at a greater risk for pregnancy. If environment alarms or creating reminders continue to hasn’t aided you keep reliable with the tablet, you may want to search into distinctive procedures.

Some other approaches to look at consist of barrier procedures like condoms, inner condoms, cervical caps, the sponge, or the diaphragm. Whilst you are going to nonetheless need to recall to use these ahead of getting sex, you will not have to have to keep in mind to acquire a capsule each day.


You could switch to the implant (which can be productive for up to 4 decades), the IUD (which can previous from 5-10 several years), the patch (you’ll only have to swap it out as soon as a 7 days), or the ring (which can be powerful for 3 weeks at a time).

You dislike the aspect results. You may perhaps have some aspect consequences when you start out a new form of beginning regulate. Give your overall body a couple of months to alter to the new system and then see if the facet consequences go absent. Talk to your doctor if you are uncertain of what’s usual or not.

If you decide the facet effects of your present-day birth control don’t operate for you, it is time to glance into other solutions. Cybill Esguerra, MD, an assistant professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the Johns Hopkins College School of Medication, finds that obtaining adverse aspect outcomes is the most common explanation for switching start handle.

“It’s either unscheduled bleeding or discomfort. For case in point, in the circumstance of an IUD,” she claims. “Other things that men and women examine involve weight acquire, skin improvements, or mood modifications.”


There are several types of unpleasant side outcomes that can come about because of to beginning control. But just because one sort of hormonal delivery control didn’t work for you doesn’t suggest a further variety won’t. But if you want to use a non-hormonal kind of contraception rather, you can discover the diverse styles of barrier approaches as properly.

You dislike getting an irregular period. A single distinct aspect impact from birth command is having adjustments in your period of time. You may have spotting, discover improvements in your cycles, or stop your period of time completely when using delivery management. A copper IUD (Paragard) could make your time period heavier, though hormonal IUDs (Kyleena, Liletta, Mirena, and Skyla) could stop your interval or make it lighter.

Missed intervals because of to delivery command could bring about you to anxiety that you’re expecting. Or you may possibly just be unwell of owning irregular cycles. No make any difference what the rationale is, it could be a great strategy to appear into how other types of beginning command could have an effect on your interval. That way, you can find new choices that may perhaps get the job done for you.


You are apprehensive about safety. You could come to feel that your recent sort of start management isn’t defending you from being pregnant as effectively as you want it to be. If you feel anxious every time you have sex or have a lot of nervousness if your time period is irregular, you should really do some exploration about start regulate performance. Glance into how efficient your form of contraception is and see if there are methods you can raise its good results (like working with a condom as well as getting the start manage capsule, for instance).

But if you still uncover that your present approach isn’t what you want, chat to your medical doctor about the usefulness of other approaches.

If you’re anxious about being protected from sexually transmitted bacterial infections (STIs), use condoms or interior condoms rather of, or in addition to, your latest beginning command system. These two forms of condoms are the only types of birth handle that can protect against STIs.

How to Safely and securely Swap Beginning Command Procedures

If you determine that you want to change start control procedures, it’s important to do it the suitable way to assure you are secured versus pregnancy.

You need to go straight from one birth management method to the future, with no using any breaks. If you are on beginning manage drugs, you don’t need to finish your existing pack ahead of you start out a new birth handle process in buy to be guarded. But Esguerra recommends that individuals end their first birth control pack just before swapping to “make the transition as seamless as possible” in terms of side results.

Soon after you swap procedures, you may well discover some adjustments in your period of time. But this is normal and isn’t anything to be worried about.

Relying on which delivery regulate system you are on and which variety you swap to, you may possibly will need to overlap them. This implies that you will have to start out your new beginning regulate prior to you cease the outdated beginning manage method. Each kind needs a distinct overlap time, and some never need one at all. Question your physician if you are going to need to have to overlap based mostly on your existing and new contraceptive.


If you do not want to overlap your birth controls, you can use a backup approach. This signifies possibly using a condom or spermicide through the time that you’d usually be overlapping your birth control procedures.

Backup techniques can offer you excess security when switching start regulate methods. “Generally, whenever you commence a new process, you want to use a backup approach for 1 week,” Esguerra suggests.

Facet Effects of Switching Delivery Manage Procedures

When you switch to a new sort of birth manage, it is typical to have irregular bleeding for a pair of months. If you get an IUD, you may well also have some soreness or cramping immediately after insertion. But the two side consequences must get much better with time.

Depending on which approach you swap to, hormonal start management solutions could also lead to undesired facet outcomes. But these should go away within 3-5 months of continued use of your new technique. You could possibly recognize:

  • Pimples (a lot more popular in progestin-only solutions, a lot less frequent in combined capsules and Nuvaring)
  • Amenorrhea, or reduction of your interval (additional widespread in Depo-Provera, Implanon, Mirena, steady-cycle merged products, Nuvaring, fewer popular in blended drugs or progestin-only pills)
  • Breast tenderness (additional prevalent in Ortho Evra, fewer common in blended capsules or Nuvaring)
  • Very low sexual intercourse travel
  • Frustrated temper (additional popular in Depo-Provera, significantly less prevalent in Nuvaring)
  • Headache (frequent in all hormonal methods)
  • Unwelcome hair progress (far more widespread in progestin-only solutions, considerably less prevalent in put together tablets)
  • Far more vaginal discharge (extra common in Nuvaring, fewer widespread in all other strategies)
  • Nausea (extra common in Ortho Evra, much less prevalent in Nuvaring)
  • Oily skin (far more popular in progestin-only solutions, significantly less typical in mixed tablets)
  • Body weight get (additional widespread in Depo-Provera, significantly less widespread in blended hormonal strategies, Mirena, or progestin-only pills)


To simplicity any pain in the course of your changeover period of time, Esguerra indicates getting in excess of-the-counter agony medications like ibuprofen or naproxen or making use of warm compresses. But if the ache seems to get worse, specifically after an IUD insertion, it’s most effective to achieve out to your physician as before long as feasible. This way they can make sure nothing else is mistaken.

Esguerra encourages individuals to be advocates for their human body and request issues when it will come to switching beginning manage methods.

“I consider gals need to truly feel really empowered to make an appointment just for a contraceptive session,” she states. “They shouldn’t experience like they want to know what they want in advance of creating an appointment with their gynecologist.”

As usually, it is greatest to discuss to your health practitioner about your contraception needs and requires. They’ll be equipped to guide you to discovering the very best beginning control for your entire body.

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