January 29, 2023

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Pooja Room Ideas For Tight Spaces

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The pooja room makes your house a better place to live. It attracts more positive energy to your home interiors and ensures good health and wealth. However, it is often difficult to create a nice large pooja room in urban homes due to the lack of space. This does not mean you will have to skip the pooja room. Instead of using an entire room, you can occupy only a part of a room for creating your pooja space. 

There are many space-saving options available. You can choose anyone depending on your taste and home interior design. Besides making your home more auspicious, these options elevate the aesthetic beauty of the space as well. If you are not sure about how to create space-saving small pooja room designs in apartments, here are a few pooja room ideas you can consider:

01 of 05 Corner pooja room

The corner space is one of the most unused spaces in a home. This is because of the awkward shape, where you will find difficulty fitting anything. However, there are a few smart corner solutions that will allow you to make the most of it. One of them is the corner pooja room. The corner pooja room is designed for people with insufficient space in the apartment. A corner unit perfectly fits into that space and allows you to place all your idols. Just make sure that you keep these crucial aspects in mind:

  • You must measure the height and breadth of the space accurately. Otherwise, the corner unit will not fit seamlessly. Customised corner units can be created for your pooja room as well.
  • Only durable materials should be used so that it does not get damaged easily. 
  • You can either create a matching look or add contrast by choosing a colour different from your wall colour.  

02 of 05 Shelf pooja room

There are many simple small pooja room solutions available if you do not want to put in a lot of effort. For instance, you can use any unused shelf in your home for making the pooja room. In case you do not have an unused shelf, you can empty one in any room of your choice for the pooja room. A shelf will allow you to place your idols and all the other accessories together. Also, you will not have to sacrifice any free space to make it. Just make sure that you measure the shelf before creating your pooja room to ensure that everything will fit easily. Additionally, pay attention to the pooja room decoration.

03 of 05 Use a wall niche for your pooja room

In many homes, there are wall niches that go completely unutilised. Even though some people try to utilise it, it appears quite displeasing in most cases as people fail to use it properly. You can avoid creating a displeasing niche in your home by turning that space into a pooja room. The space is perfect for creating a pooja room when you do not have additional free space. Also, the structure of the area will keep the pooja room decoration tucked away from a clear view. Hence, you will be able to add some privacy to the space. 

Converting a wall niche into a pooja room is not very difficult. You can design it in any manner you want. Just make sure that the backdrop is suitable for the idols, and that the space stays well-lit. 

04 of 05 Pooja room in a cupboard 

Shelf pooja rooms are great. However, if you do not have a shelf for your mandir room design and are planning to make one, you should rather make use of an existing cupboard. This small pooja room idea is not only space-efficient but helps in reducing your expenses as well. You just have to clear a cupboard and set up the idols and all the pooja room accessories. While the top shelf of the cupboard can be used for keeping the idols, the lower shelves will be used for storage. Moreover, you will be able to close it as well when privacy is required. Just make sure that the cupboard is made of good material and does not burn or stain easily. 

05 of 05 Pooja room in the hallMost space-efficient pooja room ideas are for the hall. This is because the living room is quite large compared to most other rooms in the house. Hence, accommodating a mandir room design becomes easier, Also, the living room is a common place that anyone can visit at any time. Hence, the pooja room becomes easily accessible for the residents. You just need to find an empty space in your living room. However, you cannot leave the pooja room design completely open. For adding privacy, you can create a partition that separates the space from the rest of the living room. A jaali is the best option for this as it allows light to enter and ensures proper ventilation.

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