Sir Patrick Stewart & Mark Hamill Talk ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ Memories

For numerous of us, Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart would have their faces carved…

For numerous of us, Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart would have their faces carved in our Mount Rushmore of onscreen heroes. So the idea of these two legends hanging out with us in just one discussion was almost way too a great deal epic to deal with. But which is particularly what took place this weekend when we jumped on the cellphone with Hamill and Sir Stewart to go over their legendary characters that have described our culture, the classes uncovered, and the Uber Eats campaign that last but not least brought them on to a audio stage jointly.

When you are requested to assume back again on your early times on the sets of Star Wars and Star Trek, what arrives to your intellect very first?

MH: There are so numerous extraordinary recollections. Acquiring to function with so numerous inventive individuals was an immense privilege. I will constantly have a special fondness for Yoda, due to the fact it was a character that was a way to converse about spirituality devoid of generating everybody awkward chatting about faith. The satisfaction of acquiring Frank Oz accomplish Yoda will constantly be a favorite memory for me, due to the fact I experienced liked the Muppets because I was a small child. Acquiring to discover out what a genuinely wonderful and kind particular person Frank is, beside him remaining so creative, was a dream. Since then we have fashioned a genuine friendship that has lasted to this working day. We have under no circumstances missing call because we did the authentic trilogy and as a result of the sequels.

The previous time I went out to supper, before the pandemic hit, was with Frank and his spouse Victoria. But even as incredible as that partnership has been, it is complicated to single out just one specific connection that supersedes another. If I experienced only gotten to function with a person like Sir Alec Guinness, that would be much more than ample, but on those movies we experienced the gain of remaining surrounded by the greatest of the greatest. The spirit on set was just so terrific, due to the fact everybody was so pleased to be there. Especially following the franchise commenced to develop into set up. On the set of the very first film I keep in mind the British crew chatting about how the film was absolute rubbish and that there was no opportunity that it was likely to be profitable. They all deemed on their own professionals in the field of entertainment and once I commenced to get helpful with them they experienced no issue telling me their genuine thoughts on how it was definitely likely to be a failure. But once that very first photo came out, every little thing transformed. Pursuing that, each individual single particular person on that set was a believer and glad to be there.

PS: I have to agree with what Mark stated. The occupation that we get to do is a curious just one, in the worlds and thoughts that we get to open up ourselves up to. In doing so you make your self vulnerable, and in excellent firm that is a thing that is to be appreciated. Mainly because there are dangers that you are all getting. And then the occupation finishes and everybody goes their separate ways. I frequently discover myself wishing I experienced a transporter procedure where by I could mention an actor or actress’s title and they would show up in the place alongside me, so I could give them a hug and a kiss. That isn’t really a feeling that most actors get to have following a job, but that is particularly how I come to feel about everybody involved in Star Trek Following Technology. I experienced no idea what a luxurious that was at the time nevertheless, due to the fact I experienced under no circumstances worked in Hollywood before that exhibit.

I can keep in mind my very first working day of capturing, which was the second working day of manufacturing on the sequence, I was doing my very first scene where by I appeared on digital camera as Jean-Luc Picard. I was going for walks down just one of the Company corridors, and just one of the sliding automated doors opened on my remaining and there was Commander Riker played by Jonathan Frakes. The script experienced him saying a thing to me, and I was just supposed to nod and then wander away. The director named, “Cut!” Then Jonathan yelled out, “That’s what they call British experience-acting!” The entire crew laughed, and I keep in mind gratefully contemplating that I was likely to be shelling out all of this time with amusing individuals. This is likely to be alright. That working day was about 30 decades in the past, and I can say with honesty that there is no just one of the principal team of actors in The Following Technology that I do not still assume about, see, talk to, have dinners with, and totally adore. And I assume it could be a small of the exact for Mark with Star Wars, that that expertise was exclusive to that job.

MH: It’s the individuals you keep in mind following a thing like Star Wars is concluded. My happiest recollections are from shelling out time with the individuals, not just the most important actors, but the crew, my stunt double for example. You finish up shelling out much more time with them than your relatives.

PS: Yes. Genuine.

MH: Imagining back again it was just non-stop laughter. Mainly because if you cannot have a feeling of humor about a thing as uncommon as acquiring total-on discussions with puppets and robots whilst flying in outer place, you cannot laugh about anything.

Luke Skywalker and Captain Picard were being two different types of heroes. What planning did you do to prepare for those roles physically?

MH: I experienced under no circumstances completed any swordplay before Star Wars, and that was a specific skillset they desired me to have. I did a good deal of martial arts coaching top up to the movies, like taekwondo an jiu-jitsu. The physical fitness coaching was desired to get me up to velocity, but I was working with these extraordinary stunt coordinators, in my case it was Peter Diamond in the United Kingdom. And the stunt double for Darth Vader was Bob Anderson who was an Olympic fencing champion. The fights were being extremely choreographed, the fights were being fully mapped out, it was all about functioning as a result of them about and about yet again. Accomplishing those fights in repetition was all of the physical fitness coaching I really desired at the time to get in form.

PS: I qualified and worked out for decades before I ever obtained in entrance of the digital camera taking part in Picard. My father was a army gentleman, and he finished his army occupation at the finish of the second Earth War in 1945, as a regimental sergeant main of The Parachute Regiment. For each individual gentleman from the exterior on the lookout in, he was a celebrity. It took me decades to arrive to the realization of how a great deal he affected me not only as a gentleman but also as an actor, specifically when getting up Picard. Sadly, he passed before I commenced working on Star Trek, and it’s just one of the terrific sadnesses in my life that he under no circumstances obtained to witness what he gave to me as a result of looking at his self-discipline and difficult-working spirit. So as a result of him I experienced an extraordinary function design for the character, even if I wasn’t consciously pursuing it.

How do you come to feel when individuals evaluate Star Wars to Star Trek?

MH: I have to say that big difference in between Star Wars and Star Trek to me, is that Trek is typical science fiction, with people likely out to place and encountering aliens. Star Wars was purposely set in a galaxy significantly, significantly away due to the fact it is fantasy, not science fiction. I keep in mind a excellent mate that I experienced in the 1980s was up for a element in what was likely to be a new Star Trek. I advised him I was stunned they were being doing another just one, but he stated it was likely to be “this entire new thing”. I stated excellent luck at the time, due to the fact the exhibit was already so legendary that redoing it devoid of Spock and Kirk appeared crazy. That mate was Brent Spiner, who not only obtained the element and experienced a fantastic occupation taking part in Info but proved me incorrect as significantly as the means to get the sequence and make it their personal.

I have been requested on a number of occasions about a rivalry in between Star Wars and Star Trek, but I have to say I come to feel like it is really apples and oranges. You can like possibly or equally, or none of them. That is why this campaign struck me as amusing, due to the fact I realized what they were being doing pitting us up versus every other.

PS: I will admit that, at minimum for us on Star Trek, we have fantasied about a merged universe in between Star Wars and Trek film. There have been a good deal of strategies thrown about on putting jointly two legendary universes, and acquiring all of these terrific characters coming into call. I would individually get these kinds of a kick out of that.

Experienced you met before working on this campaign jointly?

MH: We only met just one time before, I keep in mind it was an occasion all around the Golden Globes and I was with my spouse. I stated, “Oh search, there is Patrick Stewart, I should go consider to say howdy on the pretense that I am pals with Brent Spiner.” Mainly because I felt like I desired a cause to hassle him. I am glad I did at the time, due to the fact he was charming, every little thing that you desired him to be and much more. We talked, took a selfie, and that was it. I believed the odds of us ever working jointly were being extremely slender, due to the fact Hollywood does not generally grant those options. I am a huge enthusiast of Patrick, not just for his function as Picard, but if you have witnessed his, A Xmas Carol, it is a masterclass on acting. So the opportunity to function with him, nevertheless short, was not just one I could pass up.

PS: I am likely to remark on a thing that Mark just stated, he outlined not believing that he was ever likely to function with me. I keep in mind awhile back again acquiring a working day off and likely to see the very first of the extraordinary Star Wars movies. All through that time I was doing a regional theatre exhibit, on the rare opportunity that you went to the Liverpool Playhouse you could have witnessed me, but other than that you experienced no idea who I was. So to discover myself a couple weeks in the past on a audio stage with Mark Hamill, who I experienced witnessed in a packed film theater so numerous decades in the past as a enthusiast, appears surreal.

MH: That’s fantastic.

How do you assume Luke Skywalker and Captain Picard would come to feel about every other if they really met?

PS: I would assume that Picard would want Skywalker on his crew, but would be positive to keep a very careful eye on him. Mainly because he has a couple personality attributes that Picard could want to keep tabs on.

MH: [Laughs] I assume Luke would extremely a great deal respect Picard and the Starfleet power as a entire. The Rebel Alliance that he is a element of is a great deal significantly less structured, and would be put to disgrace as significantly as execution by what he would see on the Company. I also imagine Luke is a life-very long university student, even with the truth he gets a Jedi Learn, and I assume he would have a good deal to learn from Picard.

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