May 19, 2024

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Strep A Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

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What do the benefits suggest?

If you or your youngster has a positive end result on a rapid strep check, it suggests you have strep throat or an additional strep A infection. No more testing will be necessary.

If the rapid check was damaging, but the service provider thinks you or your youngster may well have strep throat, he or she may perhaps buy a throat lifestyle. If you or your youngster has not now provided a sample, you will get an additional swab check.

If the throat lifestyle was positive, it suggests you or your youngster has strep throat or other strep infection.

If the throat lifestyle was damaging, it suggests your signs or symptoms are not being brought about by strep A bacteria. Your service provider will possibly buy more checks to assist make a prognosis.

If you or your youngster was identified with strep throat, you will require to take antibiotics for 10 to fourteen days. Right after a working day or two of having the medicine, you or your youngster must start out to sense far better. Most individuals are no lengthier contagious just after having antibiotics for 24 hrs. But it truly is critical to take all the medicine as approved. Stopping early can direct to rheumatic fever or other really serious problems.

If you have inquiries about your benefits or your kid’s benefits, speak to your overall health care service provider.

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