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Strongwoman Inez Carrasquillo’s Overhead Pressing is On a Different Level

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The sport of strongwoman can be not only incredibly demanding but also a hard and competitive sport to make a name for one’s self. Inez Carrasquillo, a growing star in the activity, doesn’t have this trouble. Her most recent astonishing feat is a 136-kilogram (300-pound) log push done on Feb 2., 2022. It breaks (unofficially) the existing earth document and is a strongwoman’s heaviest press at any time finished from the flooring.

You can watch the carry under, at first posted to Carrasquillo’s Instagram.

According to Carrasquillo’s caption, the lift was “300X1 on the worst log at any time.” And, evidently, this has been one thing the strongwoman has been in pursuit of for a small when: “Been chasing a 300lb press off the floor and I desired this get,” she included.

Carrasquillo’s 300-pound press shatters the preceding world record by two and a fifty percent kilos, established by Andrea Thompson for the duration of the Globe Final Strongman’s “Feats of Energy Series” in July 2020. Nevertheless, simply because Carrasquillo did not full the press in a official aggressive environment, the document is not nevertheless hers. The last time Carrasquillo did officially compete was when she concluded fourth throughout late past year’s World’s Strongest Woman, in accordance to BarBend.

It is essential to distinguish in between the log Carrasquillo lifted, how she managed the press, and the a person Thompson lifted. Carrasquillo had a far more compressed log with bumper plates connected farther out, whilst Thompson made use of a broader, a lot more extended log. To wit, Carrasquillo started her push from the ground, though log presses ordinarily commence from elevated pads.

Carrasquillo, a third-place finisher in the 2021 Formal Strongman Online games, confirmed off her immense pressing opportunity by winning the famed Log Press for Reps segment. There, she pressed a 106.5-kilogram (235-pound) log 12 situations. And in a an additional education session, Carrasquillo hoisted an axle bar loaded with 300 lbs . overhead a few moments. 

But it’s her current log press feat that drew the notice of the energy world. The “Texas Titan,” Gabriel Pena, experienced almost nothing but praise for the shiny up and comer.

“Absolutely incredible [Inez]! I incredibly significantly glimpse ahead to watching you compose new pages in the books of background over the coming decades.”

Elsewhere in the group, Thompson herself had nevertheless to remark about Carrasquillo’s feat publicly. But her coach, Laurence Shahlaei—an accomplished strongman himself—noted that he thought Carrasquillo’s carry was “Awesome.”

At last, Canadian World’s Strongest Man lifter and the operator of the Hummer Tire Deadlift Environment Document, JF Caron, interjected simply just by retaining, “That’s very outstanding.”

With an eye-popping minute like this guiding her, huge strides are undoubtedly on the horizon for Carrasquillo. For another person who has claimed to want to be the world’s strongest lady in the past, how could they not be?

According to her coach Alec Pagan, Carrasquillo is competing in the 2022 Arnold Newbie Strongman Championships from Mar. 3-5. If this titanic of a log push foreshadows what the close to long term retains, we can only count on a lot more fireworks from Carrasquillo in entrance of the greater toughness planet at substantial.

Featured Image: @ines_strongwoman on Instagram

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