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Symptoms & Causes of Interstitial Cystitis

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What are the indications of IC?

People today with interstitial cystitis (IC) have repeat soreness, force, tenderness or soreness in the bladder, reduced stomach, and pelvic space. Signs range from particular person to person, may well be moderate or extreme, and can even modify in each individual human being as time goes on.

Signs and symptoms may well involve a blend of these indicators:


Urgency is the emotion that you have to have to urinate appropriate now. A sturdy urge is usual if you have not urinated for a few hours or if you have been consuming a ton of liquids. With IC, you may perhaps truly feel soreness or burning alongside with an urgent require to urinate ahead of your bladder has experienced time to fill.


Frequency is urinating more frequently than you consider you need to have to have to, given the volume of liquid you are drinking. Most individuals urinate among 4 and 7 instances a working day. Ingesting massive quantities of liquid can lead to far more regular urinating. Using blood pressure medications referred to as diuretics, or h2o pills, can also lead to additional regular urinating. Some people today with IC truly feel a solid, distressing urge to urinate lots of occasions a working day.


As your bladder starts to fill, you might really feel pain—rather than just discomfort—that gets worse right until you urinate. The agony usually enhances for a although at the time you vacant your bladder. People today with IC not often have frequent bladder discomfort. The discomfort may go absent for months or months and then return. Persons with IC from time to time refer to an attack of bladder soreness as a symptom flare.

Some people may perhaps have pain with no urgency or frequency. This ache may possibly occur from a spasm in the pelvic ground muscle tissues, the group of muscles that is hooked up to your pelvic bones and supports your bladder, bowel, and uterus or prostate. Agony from pelvic ground muscle spasm may well get worse all through sex.

What brings about IC?

Researchers are functioning to recognize the will cause of IC and to uncover treatment plans that operate. Even while the actual result in of IC is unknown, you may well uncover that specified events or things get started, or trigger, your symptom flares. Symptom flares can make your IC truly feel worse. Some individuals have reported that their symptom flares happen when they6

  • are pressured, or have selected thoughts, these as anger or sadness
  • have sexual intercourse
  • have a menstrual cycle
  • have a urinary tract an infection
  • urinate or maintain urine for also very long
  • skip foods or are dehydrated
  • truly feel variations in the seasons or the weather
  • have allergies
  • go via sudden or bumpy actions
  • just take particular medicines or neglect to get their medicines
  • use tight trousers and undergarments
  • use laundry detergents with specific substances or are in pool h2o with specified chemical compounds
  • use sure brands of bathroom paper
  • do particular actual physical actions, like pushing or lifting significant objects
  • stand for extended durations of time
  • have a Pap smear
  • just take antidepressants, sinus medicines, or agony relievers

Discuss with your health care skilled about flare administration. If you know which elements make your signs flare, you may possibly want to avoid them. Nevertheless, if aspects that influence your health—like owning intercourse, owning a Pap smear, or taking certain medicines—make your symptom flares occur, converse with your well being care skilled ideal away.

You may possibly also want to learn more about which foods and drinks may possibly bring about your symptom flares.


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