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The Right Way to Shave Your Neck, According to Barbers

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Each individual man demands to trim or shave his neck. Whether you rock beard or not, neck hair is a universal “no.” Very first of all, a neckbeard detracts from the form of the beard alone and shaving it offers flattering geometry to your facial hair. Next, men who shave their experience will clearly be shearing their neck hair, way too, so there’s seriously no rationale for you to forgo grooming.

It’s thoroughly fair if you choose a trim about a shave. You’ll have to trim far more typically, sure, due to the fact the hair won’t at any time be cut underneath a stubble, but you can purchase on your own a few times with every trim. If you want a thoroughly cleanse, smooth neck, on the other hand, then you have to depend on a shave.

In some means, shaving the neck follows the exact rules as shaving your experience, but there are other rules reserved only for the neck alone. For all pertinent tips, we sought the neck-shaving experience of some of our preferred barbers. They contain Vicky Pena, head barber and guide instruction specialist at Boardroom Salon for Adult men, as perfectly as Justin Virgil Gramelspacher and Stephen Gennello, barbers at Blind Barber in New York and Philadelphia. Here’s what they had to say.

Cartridge Razor vs. Safety Razor

The 1st issue to take into consideration is which sort of razor you want to use for the neck shave. There are two evident alternatives: Very first, the multiblade cartridge razor (the standard a person you see in shaving commercials), and the far more vintage, solitary-blade (and typically double-sided) security razor. Right here are the execs and drawbacks of both.

Cartridge Razor Pros and Negatives

Pros: All those blades can be a fantastic issue. If it’s a fantastic razor and a fresh new blade (and if you organized the pores and skin properly for the shave), then it must generate infant-smooth results with a solitary pass of the cartridge blade.

“A cartridge razor has constructed-in protections that make it more durable to cut yourself—especially when carrying out detail operate like your neckline,” suggests Virgil Gramelspacher. “Many cartridge razors have dampness strips that supply supplemental defense.”

Negatives: The cartridge razor is not ideal for everyone: “The blades of a cartridge razor are near collectively, enabling for dampness and debris to capture amongst the blades,” suggests Pena. “This will cause the blades to rust and develop into uninteresting, which can result in nicks and cuts throughout shaving.” You can cure this by replacing the cartridge just about every six to 8 shaves, or just about every two to three months, whichever interval arises a lot quicker, and by properly rinsing and storing it amongst shaves. Do so by drying the razor upright (in a razor stand or even a cup) in a neat, dry room. Once dried, retail outlet it absent from dampness and dust.

You could possibly dislike cartridge razors if your pores and skin is primarily delicate. Obtaining a number of blades is not usually a gain, as it potential customers to more drag and redness. These folks who encounter redness from a gradual, good cartridge shave may perhaps take into consideration the switch to security blades.

We propose: Gillette Fusion5 cartridge razor, $17

The Art of Shaving cross knurl safety razor
The Artwork of Shaving cross knurl security razor Courtesy Image

Safety Razor Pros and Negatives

Pros: “A security razor presents a nearer shave (than cartridge blades),” suggests Pena. But that is not all: The blades are particularly low cost, typically only 5–10 cents for every blade, so they never transform your program shaving behavior into an high-priced a person.

Guys with ingrown hairs and delicate pores and skin will primarily love security razors: “A security razor can also help with ingrown hairs, as perfectly as remove pores and skin irritation,” suggests Pena. This is mostly thanks to the fact it has less blades dragging across the skin—but also since the blade cuts the hair far more cleanly, and reduce, than cartridge blades.

Negatives: You may perhaps not see a security razor as an very affordable solution upfront, nevertheless. “The original value of the security razor is significant,” suggests Pena. You can purchase low cost solutions for $20 or so, but this is a product that deserves an expenditure. You want a person with a properly weighted deal with, a steady grip, and significant-good quality steel. (It helps make a ideal present, by the way.)

The mastering curve of security razors is also a component: “Safety razor shaves are far more time consuming and may perhaps just take some time to learn how to properly shave.” It calls for holding the blade at a 30-diploma angle from the experience, implementing the good (light) amount of money of force, and gliding that sharp blade down your cherished mug. But thankfully, it’s less difficult than it seems.

We propose: The Artwork of Shaving cross knurl security razor, $sixty five

The place to “Draw” the Neckline

A whole lot of men miss out on the mark, really practically, when it arrives to shaving their neckline. They possibly shave it way too significant (up on the underside of their chin) or way too lower (across the Adam’s apple). Just one compromises the stature of the beard and the other negates the process of shaving entirely.

Here’s how to get it ideal, in accordance to all three of our gurus. Pena suggests: “While searching a bit up in a mirror, position your middle finger on your Adam’s apple, and then your index finger higher than that.” Think about a “U”-formed line that connects this issue to the back of your ears. “From there, you will shave everything underneath that line.”

This is how Gennello recites it: “When shaving a neckline, I use a one-2-three process. one.) Just underneath the jawline. 2.) Base of the ear to top of the throat. three.) Thoroughly clean up the reduce, pure beard line on the front of the neck.”

And Virgil Gramelspacher’s just take: “If you bend your chin into your neck whilst searching into the mirror, various creases will type in a smile form. Usually the line that creases alongside your Adam’s apple will be perfectly positioned and symmetrical.”

Blind Barber shave cream
Blind Barber shave cream Courtesy Image

What Kind of Shaving Agent to Use on Necks

Due to the fact you are making an attempt to shave a cleanse neckline, you are going to want to use a somewhat translucent shaving agent on your neck, suggests Virgil Gramelspacher. This rules out many foams, and presents favor to creams, gels, or even oils. His choice is shave cream, nevertheless: “You can see by it but it’s continue to supplying a layer of defense amongst your pores and skin and the blade.”

We propose: Blind Barber shave cream, $eighteen

Other Neck-Shaving Tips

Right here are a few other tips from our gurus.

Increase your skincare routine: “Make guaranteed your everyday facial program involves the neck way too, in buy to condition the pores and skin,” suggests Pena. “For illustration, your facial cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer must extend all the way down the neck.”

Shave with your hair grain: “Shave with the grain of your hair to stay clear of irritation,” suggests Gennello.

Maintain pores and skin taut: “Pull your pores and skin the opposite way of where by you are shaving,” Pena provides. This retains the pores and skin even and presents you an quick, seamless surface upon which to shave.

Clinique for Men face scrub
Clinique for Adult men experience scrub Courtesy Image

Exfoliate if you are ingrown-susceptible: “Exfoliating the pores and skin will help to clear away the top layer of dead pores and skin that can clog the pores and in transform reduce hair from rising up and out by the skin’s surface,” suggests Pena.

We propose: Clinique for Adult men experience scrub, $21

Wahl beard trimmer and detail set
Wahl beard trimmer and detail set Courtesy Image

Or ditch the blade entirely: “If you are continuously fighting razor bumps, it may perhaps be clever to ditch the razor and opt for a beard-detailing trimmer as a substitute,” suggests Virgil Gramelspacher. “You can trim everyday and be cleanse-groomed with a lot a lot less opportunity for soreness.”

We propose: Wahl beard trimmer and detail set, $20

Reapply right before a next pass: “If you do require to shave nearer right after the 1st pass with the razor, incorporate far more shave cream right before supplemental passes,” suggests Virgil Gramelspacher.

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