April 19, 2024

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The Secrets Behind Jude Law’s ‘The Rhythm Section’ Transformation

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Jude Law has built an impressive body of work over his career (see: Gattaca, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Sherlock Holmes franchise), but he isn’t traditionally known for having an imposing physique. So to build an impressive body of work, quite literally, for his role as a British Secret Service agent in The Rhythm Section, he turned to trainer Johnny Silmon.

He put Law through an eight-week bulking phase, followed by 12 weeks of functional work with kettlebells and hammers to first broaden and bolster his 5’10” frame, then forge the power, endurance, and agility required of an agent. Try a sample workout from the bulking phase: The Triset Workout That Transformed Jude Law Into a Secret Service Agent.

Silmon also has an extensive background in the Indonesian martial art of pencak silat (characterized by artistic elements and self-defense), so occasionally their training days included grappling and sparring. “I’ve caught a punch or two from Jude, and he can really throw,” Silmon says.

The Nutrition Strategy for ‘The Rhythm Section’

Law doesn’t start eating until midday, effectively intermittent fasting on the daily. On occasion, he’ll extend the fast for specific shoots. For example, during production on Two Pope, Silmon had Law fast for 36 hours, then introduce carbs at the very end so he popped during the scenes in his Speedo.

That wasn’t necessary on The Rhythm Section. The status quo for Law was eating a clean-protein diet with an emphasis on fish (red meat occasionally), plenty of vegetables, and around three liters of water. In order to put on mass, they’d periodically add a protein shake on top of Law’s meals, but they didn’t go crazy over the macros so long as long as his energy levels were good.

Jude Law’s Recovery Regimen

For Law, the recovery methods that work the best for him are simple yet effective, like his eating habits. Try setting aside time in your training day for meditation and yoga to loosen your body and clear your mind after a maximum effort workout (like the one we’ve outlined above).

The Rhythm Section is now available on digital, Blu-Ray, and DVD.

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