Turning yourself upside down (literally) might just be the energy shift you need

Daily life driving you up the wall? Placing your legs up there might be a great strategy.

In accordance to Blok Yoga founder Sammy Bowmer, viparita karani, or legs-up- the-wall pose, is one of the most calming and invigorating for the head and human body. Practising this motion each day can assistance “reduce panic, ease problems and decrease stress in the reduce back”, Bowmer tells Entire body+Soul.

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As well as, it can be done anytime, anywhere – no activewear needed.

“It encourages circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, expanding blood flow to your coronary heart and brain, which has an energising influence on the overall body and head,” states Bowmer.

For maximum tension-busting advantages, lie down with your legs up towards a wall, your arms out large and eyes closed for 5 to 10 minutes.

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