Video: How to use a dry powder disk inhaler

Below are standard guidance for working with a dry powder disk inhaler.

To commence, hold the disk stage in a person hand. With the other hand, set your thumb in the proper notch and thrust it away from you as significantly as it goes. The mouthpiece will surface and snap into position.

Hold the disk horizontal. Once again with your thumb, slide the lever away from you right until it clicks.

The disk is now completely ready to deliver medication.

Put your lips all around the mouthpiece. Breathe in speedily and deeply by means of your mouth — not your nose. After inhaling, take out the disk from your mouth and keep your breath for up to 10 seconds.

To close the disk, put your thumb in the notch and slide it back towards you as much as it goes. The disk will simply click shut, and the lever will automatically return to its initial position. The disk is now completely ready for your up coming dose.

Your inhaler may appear with a bit diverse directions. Question your physician for a demonstration.