February 28, 2024

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What happens to donated blood

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You sit down for an hour, donate a pint of blood. But then what?

“We’re going to different that into the many factors of blood.”

Justin D. Kreuter, M.D., is the director of the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program. He claims blood donations help a great deal-wanted patient treatment.

“Most most likely, your blood would be utilised for a clinical patient who’s struggling a disease or it could be utilised for a patient that is possessing surgical treatment.”

Dr. Kreuter says donated blood is divided into pink blood cells, platelets and plasma, and just about every has different storage wants.

“We can keep the crimson blood cells for 42 days. For platelets, we can maintain them for 5 times. For plasma, we can retain it for a complete year.”

And for these reasons acquiring a supportive blood donor community is essential for patient treatment.

“Each time that you donate, which is likely to be relieving suffering or enabling some health care-surgical remedy to occur, and I think that’s the thing we have to remember.”

For the Mayo Clinic News Community, I’m Ian Roth.

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