October 6, 2022

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Most Epic Ways to Descend Half Dome

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Thousands are drawn to the top of Fifty percent Dome each and every 12 months. They really don’t all descend the exact same way.

1. Snowboard

In 2000, Jim Zellers grew to become the very first snowboarder to shred down the Dome, finishing what he known as “The 50 percent Mind Undertaking.” He later instructed Snowboarder journal that it probably would have been safer just to Base leap off the summit.

People climbing steep cable ladder
Getty Images

2. Climb the Cables

Hordes of Yosemite visitors scale the rounded east face’s last 400 toes applying a steep cable ladder affixed by park rangers. Coming again down the slick granite is even trickier for exhausted hikers, causing frequent falls and a dozen deaths around the previous 15 decades. No flip-flops, people!

Person in wingsuit gliding in sky
Getty Images

3. Fly

Irrespective of stringent prohibitions, Base jumpers consistently fling on their own off the Dome and other Yosemite landmarks. Expert locals Dean Potter and Graham Hunt perished in 2015 when they jumped from Taft Issue carrying wingsuits, failed to navigate across a ridgeline and crashed.

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