Office environment ergonomics: Your how-to guide

A comfortable operate place can help you come to feel your greatest. Give your sitting perform spot a makeover with this visual tutorial to business office ergonomics.

By Mayo Clinic Employees

If you sit behind a desk for hours at a time, you might be not doomed to a vocation of neck and again suffering or sore wrists and fingers. Good business office ergonomics — like proper chair top, suitable machines spacing and superior desk posture — can assistance you and your joints remain snug at get the job done.

Prepared to give your perform space a makeover? Get started off producing your sitting down workstation at ease with this visual guidebook to sitting down workstation ergonomics.

Office ergonomics


Choose a chair that supports your spinal curves. Regulate the top of your chair so that your toes rest flat on the floor or on a footrest and your thighs are parallel to the floor. Alter armrests so your arms gently relaxation on them with your shoulders relaxed.

Essential objects

Preserve critical objects — this sort of as your phone, stapler or printed components — close to your human body to minimize achieving. Stand up to reach anything that can not be easily arrived at though sitting down.

Keyboard and mouse

Position your mouse inside of straightforward get to and on the exact surface area as your keyboard. While typing or making use of your mouse, preserve your wrists straight, your upper arms near to your physique, and your fingers at or a little bit underneath the degree of your elbows. Use keyboard shortcuts to reduce extended mouse use. If feasible, change the sensitivity of the mouse so you can use a mild touch to operate it. Alternate the hand you use to run the mouse by moving the mouse to the other aspect of your keyboard.


If you often chat on the cell phone and type or compose at the very same time, spot your telephone on speaker or use a headset somewhat than cradling the telephone involving your head and neck.


If your chair is also significant for you to relaxation your feet flat on the flooring — or the peak of your desk needs you to raise the peak of your chair — use a footrest. If a footrest is not out there, test applying a small stool or a stack of strong textbooks rather.


Underneath the desk, make absolutely sure there is clearance for your knees, thighs and toes. If the desk is as well minimal and are unable to be altered, put sturdy boards or blocks beneath the desk legs. If the desk is way too large and are unable to be adjusted, increase your chair. Use a footrest to support your toes as desired. If your desk has a tough edge, pad the edge or use a wrist rest. Will not keep objects below your desk.

Keep track of

Place the keep an eye on right in entrance of you, about an arm’s size away. The best of the monitor must be at or a bit beneath eye level. The watch ought to be right at the rear of your keyboard. If you use bifocals, reduced the observe an additional 1 to 2 inches for extra cozy viewing. Put your observe so that the brightest light-weight supply is to the aspect.