April 15, 2024

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One 20-Minute HIIT Workout a Week Is Enough to Lose Body Fat

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Substantial-intensity interval exercises are a appreciate-loathe endeavor due to the fact the full point is to workout uncomfortably challenging. The very good news is that 1 HIIT exercise routine a week is more than enough to see results.

A examine in Medicine & Science in Sporting activities & Exercise uncovered that 1 23-minute HIIT exercise routine a week for 1 thirty day period can reduced physique excess fat and improve cardio capacity. In the examine, 56 obese guys did 1 of five protocols: both a thrice-weekly reasonable-intensity exercise routine HIIT a few moments, 2 times, or the moment a week or zero workout.

For shedding physique excess fat, HIIT is superior than reasonable intensity, but astonishingly, the moment-a-week HIIT is nearly as very good as a few moments. In addition, wellness markers like cardio capacity and blood force also improved for the the moment-a-week HIIT team. For this to function, you cannot fifty percent-ass it—you’ve acquired to thrust challenging.

Attempt their exercise routine: 1 minute of shuttle runs at ninety percent of max coronary heart charge, backing off to 70 percent for 1 minute, and repeating that eleven more moments. Here are some more of our favourite HIIT exercises:

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