June 18, 2024

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The Acne Practice by Dr Neal Review

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The Acne Practice is a great 6 week program that has been developed by Dr. Neal. The biggest difference with this product compared to others is that Dr. Neal actually cares about the results of his Acne Bootcamp. Let us review his program for you.

With dr. Neal you basically enter in an agreement of getting results and the doctor will first try to figure out what the cause is of your acne breakouts. When you start the six week program you will be held accountable to follow the instructions given. The end result will be clear skin in a matter of a couple of weeks.

With other acne treatment products you only see results by the companies showing you before and after pictures. These pictures can be manipulated easily and there is no way of telling how if it is real or just a scam.

The Acne Practice shows you videos of the patients who have followed the program. So you actually see before and after videos of case studies of different patients. The video show you acne ridden patients up close and in high def.
The doctor asks them questions about their pimple breakouts and you will see them talk about it. The reason for this is to show you that there acne is real and not fake.

A couple of minutes later you will see the results they achieved after they went through with the program.
Dr. Neal produces his own products. He does not buy it wholesale from a company and then have it repackaged and sell it as his own. This is a big advantage for you, because he knows what he is talking about.

If there is a small disadvantage to the program, it is that if you are not truly dedicated in treating your acne it might take a while before you see results. If you care about getting clear skin and put the effort into it, you should see the results you deserve.

Having acne is embarrassing and makes your skin look unhealthy and dirty. It is emotionally damaging and might prevent you from going out and living the life you want. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get rid of acne once and for all. You deserve clear skin.

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