July 16, 2024

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Too Much Masturbation – Real Health Risk Versus Urban Myth

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Too Much Masturbation – Real Health Risk Versus Urban Myth

Over the centuries, male masturbation has gotten a bad rap, with opponents of the practice warning young boys of all the terrible consequences that may occur if they engage in any solo experimentation. Fortunately, the medical community has taken an objective approach to this issue, and multiple studies have been carried out indicating that self-love is actually a normal, healthy, and beneficial behavior, as long as it does not interfere with normal activities or take on the characteristics of a compulsion. A look at some of the alleged effects of too much masturbation are explored here from a medical perspective, along with some helpful advice about penis care before and after the deed.

1. Baldness – It has been a popular notion for many years that self-pleasuring can lead to early hair loss. Because male-pattern baldness is linked to the presence of testosterone in the body, some have managed to make a reasonable-sounding argument to support the idea that frequent emission leads to loss of hair. But the fact is that no scientifically-drive research has revealed a link between masturbation and hair loss; on the other hand, male-pattern baldness has been positively linked to genetics.

2. Blurred vision – Another ongoing myth about masturbation is the idea that it causes blurred vision. This belief has been part of human culture for thousands of years, but again, no empirical research has ever found a positive link between emission and loss of eyesight. A search of the Internet will lead to multiple sites describing the chemical imbalance that may occur after too much masturbation, but these arguments are not supported by any evidence.

3. Impotence – It has also been frequently suggested that boys or men who engage in too much self-love will have nothing left for a partner, especially when it comes to fathering children. But, although a man does need some time to recover after emission – a span of time known as the refractory period – before he can perform again, all evidence actually indicates that masturbating is more likely to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, following the use-it-or-lose-it law.

4. Weakness/fatigue – A surprising number of men have been led to believe that frequent emission equals loss of muscular strength and/or feelings of chronic fatigue. However, while a man may feel pleasantly relaxed and sleepy after ejaculating, there is no physiological basis in the notion that fatigue or weakness is a real result of masturbation.

Damage control for the frequent fapper…

Although these alleged effects of masturbation have not been upheld by scientific research, there are some real, proven consequences for those who often take matters into their own hands. Naturally, the act of manual stroking creates a great deal of friction and heat, and over time, this stress can add up to some significant damage to the outer layers of skin. Masturbating can lead to issues like dry, flaky penis skin, redness, soreness, and the appearance of a rash or bruising, Over time, this damage can cause a layer of keratinized dermal cells to form – this is essentially a thickened layer of skin, much like a callus on the hands or feet, that serves as a natural defense against friction. This new layer of toughened skin can dull the sensation that the penis experiences on intimate contact, leading to reduced penile sensitivity.

The good news is that men can prevent these problems from occurring, or soothe them quickly when they do occur, by paying extra attention to caring for the penis. Keeping the skin well-moisturized and providing a rich mix of skin-enhancing vitamins and minerals can help keep the skin soft, smooth and supple. A nutrient-enriched penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can provide the emollient and nourishing elements that are needed to maintain a healthy penis.

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